Narendra Modi Address to Nation: PM Said, 80 Crore People will Get Free Grain Till Diwali-Chhath

  • Poor welfare food scheme released from lockdown till November will cost 1.5 lakh crore – Modi
  • Modi’s Appeal – Now need to be more careful, wear a mask and follow social distancing

Narendra Modi Address to Nation: What things were happening since yesterday – “A big announcement is going to be made … about China.” The government has banned 59 apps in China, including Tiktok. Surely that is the point. Something big is about to happen. Seeing… ’was finally the address to the nation. But the Prime Minister did nothing of the sort. Not to mention China. Came at exactly 4 o’clock. Spoke just 16 minutes. The sixth address turned out to be the second shortest in 103 days for the nation. The Prime Minister spoke two main things. First- extended the food scheme to poor families for Deepawali and Chhath. That is until November. It was ending on 30th of June. The mention of Chhath also seems a bit political here. Chhath is the ‘National Festival’ of Bihar and elections are held in November-December only.

Second- asked to take precaution about unlocking country and bad weather. He said, ‘When the cold increases, we need to be more vigilant, but now we are becoming more careless. Masks, skirts, facecovers and social distancing are essential. ‘

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Modi announced to continue the scheme of free ration for 5 more months and said that in such a large country, every poor house should have a stove burning, it was possible only due to hardworking farmers and honest tax payers. Narendra Modi Address to Nation.

Meaning of Continuation of Poor welfare Food Scheme

  • By November, each member of the poor family will get 5 kg of wheat or rice free and one kg of gram free for each family.
  • 80 crore families will continue to get the benefit of this scheme for the next 5 months.
  • More than 90 thousand crores will be spent to continue this scheme.
  • The scheme was launched at the time of lockdown, 60 thousand crores was spent in 3 months.
  • So far, 5 kg of wheat or rice has been given free to each member of the poor family and one kg of pulses free to each family.
  • So far, two and a half times the total population of America, 12 times the population of Britain and more than twice the population of the European Union, were given free grain.

Prime Minister Modi’s Corona Address so far

  1. First address- March 19: Announcement of Janata curfew.
  2. Second address- March 24: 21-day lockdown.
  3. Third address- April 3: Appeal to light the lamp.
  4. Fourth Address – 14 April: Announcement of Lockdown-2.
  5. Fifth address- May 12: Announcement of 20 lakh crore economic package, announcement of lockdown 4.0.
  6. Sixth address- June 30: Poor Welfare Other Scheme extended till November.

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