Lockdown 5.0: Where to Get Discount, Where the Ban will Continue, Know Everything

Lockdown 5.0

Lockdown 5.0: The central government has now extended its lock-in period to 30 June by limiting the lockdown, which has been in force across the country for more than two months, due to the corona epidemic. Lockdown 5.0 from June 1 to 30 will implement several concessions in a phased manner from June 8, except for the Containment Zone. The District Magistrate will decide where the Containment Zone will be.

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The task of ending the lockdown in the country will be completed in three phases. Starting on 8 June, the first phase is named Unlock 1. The unlock will start from July 2, while the third stage date is yet to be decided. The curfew will remain in force across the country from June 8 to 9 am to 5 am. Till now it was from 7 to 7 in the evening.

What will Open in the First Phase?

Under the first phase, all religious places in the non containment zone will be opened from 8 June. Also, shopping malls, restaurants, salons, hotels and other hospitality services will be allowed to start with conditions. However, the Ministry of Health will issue SOP for such activities after proper consultation with the concerned ministries and departments. The aim is to ensure social distancing and prevent the virus from spreading.

Where will be the Concession in the Second Phase?

Schools, colleges, educational training institutes will be opened in the second phase. However, this will be done only after consultation with the State Governments and Union Territories as well as schools, parents of children and other concerned parties. The Ministry of Health will also prepare an SOP for this. Lockdown 5.0

The Country will be Fully Unlocked in the Third Phase

The third phase will consider starting international flights, public transport and metro rail based on the assessment of the situation. Apart from this, theaters, gyms, swimming pools, amusement parks, theaters, bars, besides the auditorium and assembly hall will also be allowed to open. However, it will be necessary to take care of the guidelines issued by the Center.

Restriction on Transport Between States Ends

The Ministry of Home Affairs said that interstate transport will not be banned. That is, where permission is allowed, bus, taxi and other transport can be operated from one state to another state except the metro. Although the state can control this transport if desired, but people have to give concrete reasons for this. It has to be properly publicized among the public.

Some Restrictions as Before

Even though the government has started unlocking the country, many restrictions will continue as before. A maximum of 50 people can attend weddings and only 20 people can attend the funeral. Face mask and social distancing will remain mandatory when exiting the house. Apart from this, the ban on spitting in public places and religious, cultural and political rally will continue.

This Advice is Also as Before

People over 65 years of age, pregnant women, people already suffering from diseases, children younger than 10 years, stay in the house will be applicable. It has been said in the guideline that as far as possible people should work from home, promote work from home. There should be complete system of screening and cleanliness at workplaces, sanitization should be done.

Five Stages of Lockdown

If we add the applicable lockdown period from 25 March till 8 June, it will be 75 days. In the Chinese city of Wuhan, the lockdown was almost completely ended 72 days later. The first phase of lockdown – 25 March to 14 April, the second phase – 15 April to 3 May, the third phase – 4 May to 17 May, the fourth phase – 18 May to 31 May and the fifth phase – 01 June to 30 June.

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