Know What Big Things PM Modi Said in the Last ‘Mann Ki Baat’ of 2020

Know What Big Things PM Modi Said in the Last 'Mann Ki Baat' of 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on the radio on Sunday, the last heart of the year. Modi said that the year is going to pass after four days. This year saw many challenges and crises, but we have created new potential. Creating world level products is essential for a self-reliant India. Modi spoke on many issues such as welcome of new year in Mann ki Baat, passing year lessons, self-reliant India, indigenous produce, wildlife, thinking of youth and saffron of Kashmir.

Some Main Things of Mann Ki Baat

Things About Self-Reliance and Swadeshi

Swadeshi demand increased: We have faced the crisis in the country with courage. Abhinav of Delhi had to give gifts to children. They went to Jhandewalan market. Abhinav says that there are shopkeepers selling goods saying that these toys are made in India. People are also liking toys made in India. This change has taken place in a year. Even economists cannot measure this scale.

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Reduce dependence on foreign products: Venkat Muraliprasad ji from Visakhapatnam has created an ABC for 2021. ABC means self-sufficient India chart. It has a complete list of all the things they use daily. Venkat ji says that we are using foreign products whose options are easily available in India. I will use the same products, in which our hard work and perspiration have taken place.

Create world-class products: Vocal for local resonates from house to house today. In such a situation, now is the time to ensure that our products are world class. Whatever is the global best, we should show it by making it in India. For this, our entrepreneur colleagues will be ahead. Startups also have to move forward.

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Youth Engaged in Temple Renovations

A young brigade rejuvenated an ancient Shiva temple of Virbhadra Swamy near Srirangapatnam in Karnataka. There were grass and shrubs everywhere that people did not even see the temple. Seeing the dedication of the youth, the locals also came forward to help. During weekends, the youth worked and brought back the old splendor of the temple.

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Kesar of Kashmir is Famous

Akbar’s courtier Abul Fazl had said after the Kashmir visit that irritable and angry people would also jump on seeing saffron fields in Kashmir. Kashmiri saffron is mainly grown in places like Pulwama, Budgam and Kishtwar. In May this year, Kashmiri Saffron was given the Geographical Indication i.e. GI Tag. Through this, we want to make Kashmiri Saffron a globally popular brand.

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