India Now the Fourth Most Infected Country in the World, Corona Cases has the Fastest Speed, Cases Double in 17 Days

  • Brazil’s doubling rate is higher than India, here the number of infected is doubling in 16 days, in the case of growth rate, it is second
  • America leads in testing, 2.26 crore people have been investigated, 52 lakh people have been investigated in India

This is bad news, very bad … India has become the fourth most infected country in the world with Corona. Till now, India was at number six on this list. In the last few days, there has been a rise in the number of corona infects. This is the reason that within a day, two countries Spain and UK were left behind and India overtook them in case of corona infection.

As of Wednesday, the UK was at number four and Spain at number five. Now only three countries are left ahead of India – America, Russia and Brazil. If the same rate of increase in corona cases continues, then between 25 to 30 August India will become the second most infected country in the world.

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However, by then Brazil will be in a worse condition. If the case in Brazil continues at the current pace, it will reach number one in the list of Corona-affected countries, leaving America behind by July 25.

Growing infected with a growth rate of 4.30% in the country
India has the highest growth rate among the top 6 countries affected by Corona. The number of infected here is increasing at the rate of 4.30%. Brazil is at number two, with a growth rate of 4.26%. These figures are from the WHO, the World Health Organization. Spain has the lowest growth rate. Here the number of infected is increasing at the rate of 0.10%.

By August 14, the Number of Infected in Brazil May Cross 10 Million

Brazil tops the doubling rate. The number of infected is doubling here in 16 days. If the number of infected continues to grow at the same pace, then by the next 64 days i.e. 14 August, more than one crore will be infected here.

India’s dabbling rate is 17 days. Meaning the number of infected here is doubling in 17 days. If this speed is maintained, by 102 days i.e. by 21 September, the number of infected people in India will cross 10 million. Spain has the lowest dabbling rate. It will take 408 days to touch the figure of 10 million.

America Leads in Testing

According to the Indian Medical Council for Research (ICMR), India has so far conducted 52,32,245 tests in the country. 5.9% of these people have been infected. America is four times ahead of us in testing. So far, 26 million 90 thousand 765 people have been screened in America. Among them, 9.23% people have been infected.

The worst situation is in Brazil. So far, 12 lakh 64 thousand 780 people have been investigated here. Among them 74.22% ie 7 lakh 80 thousand 765 people have been found to be corona positive.

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