What is BTS Music? Know More About BTS Army

What is BTS Music

BTS stands for “Bangtan Sonyeondan”, also referred to as ‘Bangtan Boys’.  This specific South Korean band was formed in the year 2010 and got launched in 2013 by Big Hit Entertainment company. The band consists of 7 members- Jin, RM, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Amongst these 7 members, V and Jung, kook generally write and produce their own (single) music.

If we talk about their music, they are into K-pop pop, hip hops R&B EDM respectively. Well, there are many K-Pop bands, and Idols in South Korea, but among them, only BTS made a special place for themselves in everyone’s heart. This is so because eventually, their way of writing lyrics is different and unique from other bands. Their present their songs as poetry in today’s pop music world. In fact, most of their songs are written, and composed by the members only. 

Another reason why people love BTS’s music is their message of self-love, steps taken towards mental awareness, etc. Well, there are hardly a few bands that can be idolized for valid reasons, and BTS for sure has made a lot of positive impact on their fans normally named as “ARMY” by encouraging them to love themselves first, speak their voice, and treat everyone equally. 

Struggles & Success

Well, their hardships are also something by which youth is, inspired. Their training period and all the struggle they faced in the American hustle life, including them visiting door to door to visit their concert at the initial stage has become the motivation for several artists across the globe. 

In fact, their stage presence is unmatchable. Singing along, dancing and communicating with the ARMY has made them one of the biggest boy bands existing. Their fandom holds a special place in their lives, as in the initial days when nobody believed in them, only ARMYs were there to encourage them.

To encourage people to love themselves, they had even launched several albums named- “BTS Love Yourself, BE, etc. By hearing their music, you will surely get a glimpse of every genre. Like you will find rap in it, slow tempo music, high tone-low tone vocals, etc. They are not just an ordinary band, they are a global phenomenon, and have over 90 million ARMY worldwide.

Well, talking about their achievements, BTS has received many awards and even contributed to the economy-growth of their nation. They have been considered the “pride of their nation” for promoting K-Pop culture across the globe as well. To name a few of their achievements, they won- “The teen Choice Awards, MTV VMAs, Soompy Awards, Radio Disney Music Awards, iHeart Radio Music Awards, American Music Awards”, and got nominated for the Grammy, and have broken 18 Guinness World Records respectively.

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