Samir Sharma TV Actor Found Dead At Mumbai Home, Police Suspect Suicide

Samir Sharma TV Actor Found Dead At Mumbai Home, Police Suspect Suicide
  • Samir Sharma shared on Instagram for 3 consecutive days, photos of battling depression, pointing to die, wrote – I made my funeral pyre and slept on it

Another artist, immersed in loneliness and some unknown anxiety, ended his life. TV actor Samir Sharma body was found hanging from the fan at home. Sameer was in a depression, this is known from his Instagram post. Not only this, on 27 July, he had made a post, from which the gesture of his suicide was clearly understood. In the very first line of this post it was written – I made my funeral pyre and slept, and it burned with my fire.

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Depressive photos were posted for 3 consecutive days

Sameer shared depressive photos on Instagram on 27, 28 and 29 July .. for three consecutive days. These lines, written in a photo posted on 27, were shared from Bleeding Soul Poetry’s Instagram page. The photo he used in it, he himself clicked.

It is further written in the poem – Everything that was inside me was burnt in it. I bleed him to wake up from my dreams. Now my dreams are gone and I am. I woke up with ashes and was lying in it. I took away what was left. And left him in a stream. Now I hope that my ashes will get better dreams this time.

Only posted photos on 28 and 29

The 44-year-old Samir Sharma shared Samandar’s photos on July 28 and 29 with no captions. In which one of the tall buildings of Mumbai was seen at one end. At the same time, the last photo which was posted on July 29, was looking like a flying bird, a man walking on the sea shore and open sky. Sameer was in a depression that forced him to commit suicide.

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