Mirzapur 2 Review: Strong Story, Dhansu Dialogue But Weak Climax will Disappoint

Mirzapur 2 Review

Mirzapur 2 Review: If we count the most popular series of Indian web series, then the name of ‘Mirzapur’ will definitely be included in it. In its first season itself, this series had become so popular among people that people had not forgotten its characters yet. Now the second season of the popular series ‘Mirzapur 2’ has been released. Surprising the fans, the second season of Mirzapur has been released a day before the scheduled date.

Mirzapur 2 Story

In the second season of Mirzapur, Guddu Pandit is like a wounded lion that is burning in the fire of intram. Similarly, Golu also needs his revenge. However, the families of both have lost someone or other and now they want their children to return. But Guddu Pandit now needs both Badla and Mirzapur’s throne.

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On the other hand, Munna Tripathi joins handshake with Ratishankar Shukla’s son Sharad. Now Sharad needs his father’s revenge with Guddu and Munna wants to complete his unfinished work. Meanwhile, to improve his business, Akhanda makes a knot with the UP CM and gets close to him on the pretext of giving him electoral advantage. At rallies, Munna grows closer to CM’s daughter, taking advantage of this, Akhanda marries Munna to CM’s widow daughter, who later becomes CM herself.

Mirzapur 2 Review

Like the first season, in this season too you will find plenty of gun, goons and abuses in Mirzapur. Now the battle of Mirzapur has turned into a more bloody war. Munna and Guddu are at the center of the story like last time, and this time you will know so much that you will also think that if some of them did not know then the story could have gone ahead. If you have seen the first season of ‘Mirzapur’ then you will get connected to the second season but if you have not seen the first season then in the second season the whole story of the first season is shown in short and you can also watch the second season directly.

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Apart from Jaunpur and Mirzapur, this time also a gang from Bihar has been included in the story, which both Guddu and Akhanda want to help in their business. The double role of Vijay Sharma in the character of Lilliput Farooqui and his sons in the role of Dadda Tyagi brings a lot of newness to the story. However, an attempt has been made to run them in a different stream from the main story. Mirzapur 2 Review.

Here Munna has become the husband of CM and on the other hand, Guddu starts a business of opium by joining hands with Lala. Now Munna, Sharad and Guddu all want the throne of Mirzapur, but for this they are waiting for the right opportunity. All three get this chance together, but how do they get this opportunity and who among them is able to take this opportunity, this is the story of the series.

What is Light?

Comparing to the first season, you may feel that the climax of this season is a bit light, but still the turn at which the story leaves you in this season makes you wait for the next story. The tremendous fight sequence and the intervening jokes keep your trend in the story, but must say that this time the season is a bit bigger than the previous.

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Direction and Acting

Mirzapur-2 can be given full marks in terms of acting and direction. Ali Fazal is more powerful than before. Divyendu is in his old baffling style. Pankaj Tripathi’s character will look a little less this time than before, but new characters are seen to fill their gaps in the story. Background and theme music is as powerful as before.

What is the Negative Point This Time?

In this season, each episode is about an hour and there are 10 episodes in total, so it is possible that some people may find it a bit longer. However, the story has been woven in such a way that your tendency remains in it. In the series, abuses, nudis and violins have been kept higher than before. So if you do not like to see this kind of content, then you can avoid it.

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