Python Programming Language: Definition, Features, and Applications

Python Programming Language

Python is an eminent and prevalently used high-level language with inbuilt functions and an open-source platform. Its object-oriented features, embedded data structure characteristics, and dynamic semantics make it an ideal choice for the fast development of an application. The most popular advantage of Python is the fact that it uses simple English and logic to execute code. The users do not have to worry about low-level concepts such as memory allocation and CPU-specific instructions. It stresses readability, dynamic typing and binding, and modularity. Another attractive facet is that it is open source and nearly anybody can download the Shell to start coding. The supply and demand ratio for Python developers has only increased in recent years. Now, the scope of it is quite large and prospects also look promising. Begin your programming journey by obtaining Python Online Training. It is relatively easy to learn Python than other structured programming languages.

Features of Python Programming Language

The use of the Python programming language has grown significantly over the years. Glance over the points written below:

Extensive Library

While coding, users get access to a standard library. It is a built-in library and is free to use for everyone. The library makes it easy for the programmers to code quickly and not bother about defining functions at every single instance. Apart from reducing the length of the program, it also decreases the programmer’s work and makes coding more enjoyable. Moreover, there are different codes for different library functions, which users can easily call upon easily whenever they need them.

Open Source

If you have guidelines and know how to code a Python script, you just need to download a Python code editor from the internet. Since Python is an open-source coding platform, it takes no cost to download the code editor. Furthermore, you can script your code and distribute your product in any way you want.

Easily Understandable

While coding in Python, all you will deal with is simple English and mathematical logic. There is no need to take care of indentations or the use of semi-colons. Thus, it also renders the program easy to debug. It also contributes to making Python an unchallenging language to learn. Moreover, users from across the industries can easily learn and use the language. Though advanced Python is a little more complex and might take a bit of time to learn, the basic syntax of Python is relatively straightforward.


Once you write a code, it is not specific to a single device. The same code can be used in various other machines flawlessly. This feature is called portability. For example, a Python that effectively operates on a Windows OS can also be used in other devices that run on a different OS. Essentially, irrespective of the fact that you are using a Linux-powered system or Windows system, the Python script will work in a similar way.

Applications of Python Programming Language

Python is a famous language and is used in a variety of domains and fields of study. Take a look at the pointers below to get an idea about the domains which use Python language extensively.

Computer-aided Design:

It is a subset of the mechanical engineering domain. In this field of study, engineers use various tools to design 2D and 3D models graphically. Nowadays, architects and product designers have started to use tools such as FreeCAD. It is embedded in the Python programming language which makes the design process a much easier job.  

Business Applications:

Python offers various library modules which have extensive applications in business operations. Features like Odoo and Tryton are applicable to various business-related processes such as sales, financial accounting, shipping, purchasing, etc.

Software Development:

To save costs and built a product in less time, developers opt to use Python. Nowadays, nearly all the top tech companies like Netflix, Reddit, and Google are using Python as the interface language. Built-in functions, extensive libraries, and high compatibility are some of the attributes, which suit the programmers.

Game Development:

One of the surprising applications of Python is in game designing. Famous games such as Battlefield 2 and Bridge Commander have utilized Python in their designing process.


Python is a popular free-to-use programming language. There is a demand for developers all across the world in different aspects of the global industry. The level of ease and the vast library that Python offers nullify the need for opting for any other programming language. You have the power to program anything with it. As the code is easy to interpret and understand, its application is quite vast in Data Science and artificial intelligence. Becoming a professional in this will expand your software development profile. Moreover, it will also open the doors in other related fields. Learn how to code in an easy way by obtaining Python Training in NoidaThe basics are easy to learn and you can find yourself in the advanced domain just after six months of training.

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