What is Marketing? Types of Marketing

What is Marketing?

Hello friends, today through this article we are going to tell you about marketing. What is marketing? How many types of marketing are there? What are the benefits of marketing? Why should we do marketing? We will tell you all this in detail through this article. If you want to know about marketing. Must read this article of ours

If you are running your business online or offline. So it is very important for you to have knowledge about marketing. If you don’t know about marketing. So you cannot grow your business in online or offline market. That’s why it is very important for you to know about marketing. Unless you have no idea about marketing. Unless your business will grow rapidly in the market. If you want to grow your business fast offline or online. So it is very important for you to get information about marketing by reading this article of ours.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a process. Which is used by traders for awareness and sale of their products. Many types of activities come under this. By which it becomes easy for the information of the product to reach the customer. If we know Marketing in other words, it also means that it is a way that creates a relationship between the customer and the product, so that the customer can know about the product well.

What is the Meaning of Marketing

The Hindi meaning of Marketing is “marketing”, under this marketing mix product, price, place, and promotion is planned, which are called 4PS in the language of marketing. After creating a product, marketing is planned to create awareness about it. So that the customer’s attention can be focused on the product.

Features of Marketing

  • Marketing is the work done by a human being for a company. However, in today’s time, many tools have come for marketing. But all these are also used by humans only. Keeping this in mind, we keep it under human work only.
  • Marketing is also considered a social function. It is called social action because it is done within understanding, in other words, it is called economic action because marketing is done for profit.
  • Marketing is not possible without Exchange, that is why Exchange has been considered the basis of marketing. Under marketing, goods or services are exchanged for a price.
  • Marketing is a task that never stops. Although the methods of marketing change, marketing does not change. Companies that work in the interest of their customers, their customers buy more products.

Marketing 7Ps

The 4Ps are mentioned on Mukhtar under Marketing Mix. Which includes product, price, place, and promotion. But as the marketing strategy has evolved over time, many more P’s have been added to it. Which currently includes up to 11-12 P. But the main P’s of the marketing mix are the 7 P’s that everyone wants to know. Let us know, what is Marketing Mix –

1. Product

The 1st P of Marketing Mix means Product. It is very important for your product to be high for marketing. The better the quality of your product, the more customers will like it. Your product should be fulfilling the needs of the customers.

2. Place

The product which the businessman wants to sell by making it, that product should be easily available in the market. For this, you should give your product to all the shops and online stores, etc. in the city. So that the right customers can reach the product.

3. Price

You should keep the price of your product in such a way that the customer does not suffer any kind of loss. And all customers can buy your product easily. However, if the quality of your product is good, then you can also increase its price. If your products are of high quality then customers will be happy to buy your products.

4. Promotion

After making your product, it is very important to promote it. So that you can get the right audience. At present, there are many types of Advertising Tools for Promotion, through which you can promote your product on the Internet.

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5. People

In this Marketing Mix, the Employee of the company is taken care of. Because only the employees of the company deliver the products and services to the customers. Therefore, it is the full responsibility of the company to appoint good and educated employees. So that good services can reach the customers.

6. Process

Product Price comes after Place and Promotion, Process is a very important part. When you should process your business well with a Verify Structured. So that there is no mistake of any kind. To get the most out of business, you should pay full attention to the process, and there should be no tolerance for any kind of mistake in it.

7. Physical Evidence

It is very important to have Physical Proof in any service-providing industry. So that you can have a different branding. For example, when we think of spices, the first brand that comes to our mind is MDH Masala, and if we talk about toothpaste, Colgate comes to our mind. This is a kind of brand value. For which you need physical proof.

Types of Marketing

What are the types of marketing (Types Of Marketing) If we talk about it, then on the basis of marketing business, there are two types of offline marketing and online marketing, digital marketing, etc. come under online marketing. So let’s know about all types of marketing –

Types of Marketing

  • Account-based marketing
  • Acquisition Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • b2b
  • b2c
  • Behavioral Marketing
  • Brand marketing
  • Cause Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Conversational Marketing
  • digital marketing
  • email marketing
  • emotional marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Global Marketing
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • influencer marketing
  • mobile marketing
  • Neuromarketing
  • Nostalgia Marketing
  • Organic Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing
  • Outreach marketing
  • Partnership Marketing
  • product marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Referral Marketing
  • relationship marketing
  • Retention Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Seasonal Marketing
  • social media marketing
  • Stealth marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • User-Generated Marketing
  • video marketing
  • Voice marketing
  • Word of Mouth Marketing

1. Account-Based Marketing

Account-based Marketing, also known as ABM. Under Account-based Marketing, some advertising campaigns related to personal messages or products are sent to target the company in a particular account, which leads to sales. It is used to bring new leads. Account-based marketing is commonly used for B2B businesses, with pharma companies targeting certain hospitals.

2. Acquisition Marketing

Acquisition Marketing As its name suggests, here we are talking about creating new customers. It includes SEO, Blog Content, Landing Pages, Social Media, and Google advertisements. Whatever is helpful in converting new customers into leads is called Acquisition Marketing. Such content is created under Acquisition Marketing so that the customer is forced to click on the content.

3. Advertising

Advertising Marketing is such a branch, which uses Advertising Campaigns to present any business or product to the world. Under this, Advertising Campaigns are run in many ways, including PPC (Pay Per Click), Social Media Advertising, TV, Radio, and many traditional methods. It is very important to choose the right platform for social media marketing, for example, during Instagram advertising, you target most of the youth, in the same way, you can choose Twitter. Apart from this, banner marketing is also done in advertising, during which big boards are placed on the sides of the road.

4. Affiliate Marketing

You can also pay the customer for sharing the associated content of your product with other people, this process is known as Affiliate Marketing. There are mainly two people in Affiliate Marketing, one is Merchant and the other is Affiliate. Affiliate Marketer promotes products and services, and when someone buys that product or service, the Affiliate Marketer gets some commission in return.

For Affiliate Marketing, you provide an Affiliate Link to your product, which can be promoted by putting it in the Bio of a YouTube Video, Blog Post, or Instagram Profile. Read this article completely to know about it – What is Affiliate Marketing

5. B2B (Business to Business)

The full form of B2B Marketing is Business to Business Marketing. Under this, one business sells services to another business. It is mainly based on Industry or Company. B2B Sales Cycle is bigger because before buying the product and services, Demo and Sales Development, etc. of the product is started. B2B marketing is done digitally through industry-specific conventions. In this, Linkedin’s Job Title Database is used to target Professional Audience.

6. B2C (Business to Customers)

Individual Consumer is targeted under B2C (Business To Customers) marketing. Most businesses focus on B2C marketing, this is because B2C marketing is a shorter sales cycle. Shopping here is instant. For B2C marketing, you should always keep updating your products and services. Social media marketing strategy is a better option for B2C marketing. Where your product can be shown to the target customers.

7. Behavioral Marketing

Under Behavioral Marketing, the behavior of the audience is closely examined. Behavioral Marketing is done on the basis of what the audience is searching on the Internet, what kind of content it is interested in, and many other online activities. Various types of tools are used on the website to understand Audience Behavior. On the basis of which the advertising campaign is prepared.

8. Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is not aimed at sales. Here, advertising campaigns are run to increase brand value. Which helps to identify the business. Under this, it is very important to have a business logo and website. When there is awareness in the marketing of your brand, then after that you can easily know their interests and needs by doing marketing research for your customers.

9. Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing is a Non Profitable initiative, in which the business reflects Corporate and Social Responsibilities. Its main purpose is to build business group relationships with customers or individuals who support your value and product. Under Cause Marketing, companies showcase their eco-friendly practices. To start this, a partnership has to be made with the Local Organization, in which a certain commission of sales has to be given to the Local Organization.

10. Content Marketing

Whenever we do some search related to some business on Google, then most of the results come in front of us from the company blog. But why do all companies create blogs? What does blogging and content marketing have to do with this? Let us tell you that blogging has a very important role in content marketing. Blogging is one of the best marketing strategies for content marketing. , apart from writing blog posts, things like writing posts on social media, writing E-Book, creating video content, etc. come. To know all the information about content marketing, read this article completely – What is Content Marketing?

11. Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing is very important for a business. It allows brands to easily interact with their customers. Because there are many customers who urgently need answers to some questions related to your business. Conversational marketing is a means to an instant solution, in fact, around 73% of customers consider live chat and call interactions to be the best form of communication.

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For example, if we buy a domain name from GoDaddy, and we face any kind of problem with it, then we immediately call and solve it. Same if we solve any problem in a domain or hosting through email, then it takes some time. A business website must have a Live Chat option. Conversational Marketing is a great way to connect with the customer.

12. Digital Marketing

Many types of Digital Marketing Strategies come under Digital Marketing. It is a comprehensive term, which includes marketing, in which business is promoted using digital technology. Under Digital Marketing Strategy, customers are targeted in a new way. To know in detail about digital marketing, read this article completely – What is Digital Marketing

13. Email Marketing

81% of small businesses use email marketing for a profit, while 80% of businesses use email marketing for customer retention. It is possible to increase sales in business through email marketing. Because it reaches the customers directly, hence the return of Email Marketing is also good. For every $1 in email marketing, the average ROI is $36. A business can send any type of email to its customers. Like Informative Newsletters, New Product Releases, Sales Announcements, Shopping Cart Reminders, etc. For better performance, you can also add the lead form of your website to the email.

14. Emotional Marketing

Under Emotional Marketing, brands use emotional advertising, which helps people to buy the product or the attachment of the people to the brand increases. To do Emotional Marketing effectively, the focus is on emotions. Some such advertisements are made, in which happiness, sorrow, anger, hatred, etc. can be anything. Like when we talk about the Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisement, here happiness is emotionally linked, Which attracts people towards it.

15. Event Marketing

It is used to create Business Lasting relationships and make the experience of the Target Audience memorable. Event ideas can range anywhere from conferences or online events to product-forward workshops. The most effective result of Event Marketing is when you connect with people and leave some emotion with them.

16. Global Marketing

At present, online business has grown very fast, although many people still have more attitude towards Localization Marketing. With Global Marketing, you can reach messages related to your product worldwide. By understanding the culture of a Global Audience, you can make your product friendly with the help of some pictures and words. For example, there are some big brands too, who promote their products thereby launching a website with the local language of the same country with different domain names for different countries.

17. Guerrilla Marketing

Most of the advertising techniques under Guerilla Marketing make up various forms of digital marketing. Guerrilla marketing is a rare type of modern marketing strategy. You also need to do some offline advertisements. Guerrilla marketing is a great way to increase sales and increase brand awareness. This includes everything from creating large pieces of brand art along a public street to creating pop-up art at physical locations. You can search in Google by writing Guerilla Marketing Example so that you will understand well about Guerilla Marketing, and how it attracts more customers.

18. Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a term that includes almost all types of marketing. As an Inbound Marketer, you will provide Helpful Resources and Tips to your Consumers, which will solve your Product and its problems. For this, you can also connect with your customers through better blog content, email, and live chat. Also, when one of your products is sold, then you should also focus on giving support.

19. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has grown exponentially since 2019, according to a report by 2021 Influencer Marketing was worth US$13.8 billion. It is an effective way to promote business and increase product sales, Instagram and other social media platforms are used for this marketing. An Influencer who already has a lot of followers, and is an expert in his field, then we can market our product or brand with him. This gives your brand instant credibility. However, the more followers he has, the more money he asks you to promote the product.

20. Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a very important part of Digital Strategy, ever since the number of Smartphone users has increased, since then mobile marketing has expanded very rapidly. If you use a Smartphone, then you must know that you keep getting SMS related to different brands. Apart from this, QR codes and Push notifications are also a part of Mobile Marketing.

21. Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is a very important part of marketing. Neuropsychology research comes under this marketing. By which a neuropsychology marketer analyzes the mind of the customer to find out that he is happy with the product, although the customer does not express it verbally. But a Neuromarketer can easily detect this. A neuromarketing test is done before making any brand.

22. Nostalgia Marketing

Nostalgia Marketing creates a happy feeling for the brand. It refreshes the old memories of the person. For example, the glass bottle of Coca-Cola brings back old memories. In this type of marketing strategy, you should see the old schools, so that childhood memories are refreshed among the audience, you should always keep one thing in mind, whatever you are doing, it is your brand or product. Must be similar to

23. Organic Marketing

Usually, no kind of Paid Advertising is run in Organic Marketing. Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are used in organic marketing. In this marketing strategy, you have to write good blog posts for Search Engine, when it comes to the result page in the search engine, you have organically searched customers and reached your product or brand.

24. Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing involves engaging customers by reading behind them rather than systematically engaging them. However, today these things have changed due to Google Adwords and other Social Media Paid Marketing. But some time ago it was a common thing when advertisements were shown on TV to attract customers, print banners were installed, although this trend is still there, but very less. But in today’s time, due to digital marketing, email marketing is being used for outbound marketing.

Where companies send their advertising campaign to thousands of customers in one click in a large list of customers. Due to Outbound Marketing, many times the brand also has to face some complaints, because sometimes such people are also involved in it, who are not interested in your product, and your email reaches them too. You should focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) during outbound marketing.

25. Outreach Marketing

Outreach marketing involves collaborating with people who can understand your brand’s customers’ points of view. Under this, some businesses including social media influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, and journalists are also included. The direct target of collaborating with these people is to spread awareness about your brand on social media and other platforms. Which strengthens your brand, and helps you in giving exposure.

Many big companies also use Outreach Marketing to get backlinks from other big websites. Which helps in the SEO of the website. Along with this, good traffic also comes to your website. You do not have to take backlinks from any website without thinking, if a website is more Spam, then where you should not do Outreach Marketing, it can also spam you by Search Engine.

26. Partnership Marketing

Partnership marketing is done when two businesses provide benefits to each other. This increases brand awareness and brings new customers to the business. For example, Domino’s Pizza and Coca-Cola do this type of Partnership Marketing.

27. Product Marketing

Product marketing does not mean putting good pictures of the product on the website. Apart from this also many other things have to be taken care of. Product marketing helps you create the right customers through Segmentation, Targeting, and Personality. Under this, you should pay full attention to KPI. For this, many big companies that provide software or other SEO tools, etc., provide a Demo Sign-Up of their product, so that they can understand the problems of the customer. If there is no problem of any kind with their tools, then their demo gets converted into a Lead.

28. Public Relations

Public Relations Marketing is such a strategy, under which you are helped to grow your business through media. For example – whenever you take any award related to upcoming business, you can get the news related to it written on any news channel or website through Press releases. Or you can give some profit of your business to any charitable contribution, and you can encourage this story to be published in any news. This improves the perception of your company among the public. And you appear in front of people as an industry leader. This type of strategy is called Public Relations Marketing Strategy.

29. Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing Strategy is a very good strategy. Under this, Business is programmed in such a way that it works like automation. Here a friend encourages your product to refer to another friend, and when he buys the Referral product, both of them get a discount.

For example – like Google Pay started its Referral Program in the beginning. When anyone used to refer Google Pay to any of their friends or family, both of them got Rs 50. If there is any such product in your business, that you can associate with Referral, then you can get benefit from it. Due to this the number of your customers will start increasing.

30. Relationship Marketing

The main objective of Relationship Marketing is to build a Long Relationship with the customer. Under which you provide high-quality products to your customers. By connecting with them on social media, we solve all the problems related to the product by live chat. In fact, it is not to build a strong relationship with the customer, but to treat them well even after the customer has made the first purchase. It functions like a loyalty program. In such a situation, your customers are loyal to you. And can connect with you for life.

31. Retention Marketing

To connect with new customers under Acquisition Marketing. Under this comes SEO, Top-Funnel Blog Content, Landing Pages and Social Media or Google Ads, etc. Strategy. Through this, you can directly target Lead Generation. Under Acquisition Marketing, you should pay attention to some such content, which directly compels the Target Audience to click. This is an effective strategy for the Call to Action (CTA).

32. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes all such Marketing Strategy, which acts as Promotion, it is used in Google and all other search engines. The main goal of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is to bring your business to the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) of the search engine so that customers start connecting with your business. And ideally, click and come to your website.

Search engine marketing is mainly done in two ways, the difference between the two is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), where SEO is organic, and for this, you do not have to do any kind of marketing. There is no fee to be paid, but in the same PPC, you have to run advertisements through Google, for which you have to pay a fee. To do SEO, it is very important for you to learn about SEO first, after that you can do SEO. To know all the information about SEO in detail, read this article completely – What is SEO

33. Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal Marketing is very useful for your business, under this you have to provide some offers during some festival holidays of the year. Like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Black Friday, etc. Many brands adopt different marketing strategies on these holidays.

34. Social Media Marketing

Some Digital Marketing Experts CA believe that Social Media Marketing is a branch of Content Marketing. Although social media marketing is an important marketing strategy, many customers become interested in your brand when they see your ad on Instagram or other social media platforms.

Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Linkedin Marketing, YouTube, etc come under Valuable Marketing Strategies. Many companies choose social media platforms based on their product. If a company has to sell any tools or other products, then they usually use Linkedin the most, if someone promotes their restaurant or food, disco, club, etc., then they are more inclined towards Instagram. does.

35. Stealth Marketing

Under Stealth Marketing, any product is first displayed subtly in marketing. Under this type of marketing, the product is displayed in a movie, TV show, or any other advertisement. By the technique of Stealth Marketing, advertisements are shown in such a way that the customer does not even know that it is a brand promotion, and this Marketing Strategy leaves a positive impact on the brand.

36. Telemarketing

Telemarketing promotes a service or product through the telephone. Under telemarketing, companies call their customers and give them information about offers related to their products. For example, some companies use telemarketing for credit cards, which provide new credit cards. Telemarketing makes customers more interactive and gives them the opportunity to think on the fly. Although many customers do not consider telemarketing right, you can choose only those customers who are interactive with you.

37. User-Generated Marketing

During User-Generated Marketing, after using your product, the customer who reviews your product on social media and other platforms is called User-Generated Marketing. You should take care of the quality of your product, after which the customers themselves give good reviews, and your brand value starts increasing. And other customers also think about using your product.

38. Video Marketing

Many types of content have been cut under Marketing Content, including Blog posts, Social Media posts, podcasts, etc. One of these very popular marketing content is also Viceo. Video marketing is very popular in today’s time. You can creatively present your brand by including some fun and positive videos in your marketing assets. Apart from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, you can also use Vidoe on your website. You can also add a small video related to your product in the post on your website.

39. Voice Marketing

Voice Marketing is a new type of marketing, which is very useful for Voice Search, it is very useful for Blog Post, Product Websites, which is also useful for SEO Practices. In today’s time, people prefer to speak instead of type. Although voice search has been around for many years, it has been running in Amazon, Alexa, and Google Home smart speakers for a long time. There is a lot of difference between voice search and typed query. Suppose you want to eat pizza, then you can search for Pizza Shop on Google. Same if you are driving, you can just say “where to get pizza” and Google will show you the address of the pizza shop near you.

40. Word of Mouth Marketing

Happy customers come under Word of Mouth Marketing, who are happy with your product and tell it to their friends. More than the advertisement of a brand, the customer obeys his friend, in such a situation there is a high chance that the number of your customers will increase. Although there is no tried and true method, this marketing strategy works only on the basis of customer happiness.

what happens in marketing

Although Traditional Marketing was done a lot in the old times, but even today Traditional Marketing is done. But in reality, it cannot exclude digital outreach efforts, because through digital marketing your business gets the target audience. But there are some components and functions of Traditional Marketing, which depend on Digital Marketing.

If we talk about how marketing was done about 20 years ago, then let us tell you that apart from Radio, Television, Billboards, Newspapers, Magazines, Telemarketing, Face-to-face Efforts, and many more Marketing was done by Efforts. However, even today there are many companies, for which more customers are added through Traditional Marketing than Digital Marketing. Let’s know,

1. Local Marketing

Local marketing is a part of marketing, under which the company uses billboards, cafe bulletin boards, and other types of traditional marketing. If a business is at a physical location, then local marketing is a better option for that. Like advertising on taxis, and holding at bus stops, it’s all a part of marketing.

2. Market research

Market research is a process that is not always linear between digital and traditional marketing. According to Market Research, to bring any new product to the market, it is necessary to meet customers in the form of interviews. Due to this many things including the price and condition of the product can be detected. For this, many companies conduct surveys, etc. through both traditional and digital marketing before launching their product.


Friends, I hope that by reading this article of ours, you must have got complete information about marketing. If you want to know more about marketing. So you can ask by commenting in the comment section. If you have got the right information by reading this article of ours. So do not forget to share this article of ours with your friends. Stay connected with us to read such informative articles. Thank you very much for reading our article.

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