What is Google Adsense and How to Approve Google Adsense?

How to Approve Google Adsense

Hello friends, today through this article we are going to tell you about Google Adsense. What is google Adsense. Why do we use Google Adsense? How can we earn money from Google Adsense? How to get Google Adsense approved on your website, blog, or YouTube. We will explain other information related to Google Adsense in detail throughout the article. If you want to know about google Adsense. So stay connected with us on this article.

If you want to make your career through blogging or youtube. So you also need to know about Google Adsense. If you do not know about Google Adsense. So you can read this article of ours in detail. Through this article, we have explained Google Adsense in detail. By reading this article of ours, you can easily get Google Adsense approved on your website or block.

How to Approve Google AdSense

To get any website or blog approved by Google Adsense, publishers have to fill out a form, which you get on the official website of AdSense. There you have to submit the URL of your website.

After this, you get a script, which you have to put in the <Head> of your website. After this, your application goes to the AdSense Team, where your website is thoroughly checked. If your website passes all the eligibility of Google Adsense, then you are given Approval.

Your website gets monetized, after which you can start earning money from your website. Let us know, how you can get Google AdSense Approval very easily by following some steps –

1. Write High-Quality Content

The most important step to getting AdSense Approval is Content. You should always write good-quality content, although some new bloggers do not know about High-Quality Content. Let me tell you that you should write such content, which is not already on Google.

A question must be coming to your mind, that there are all kinds of content on Google. But you have to differentiate your writing style from other people. And good information has to be given to them. You can take the idea of the topic on which you are writing from other websites or blogs. But you do not have to copy anyone’s content.

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If you copy even a little bit of content from somewhere, then it is difficult for you to get AdSense Approval. Apart from writing High-Quality Content, you should write each post of at least 800 – 1000 words. However, the more you write in detail, the better it will be for you. The user will get all the information on your blog only. How to Approve Google Adsense.

3. Buy Top Level Domain (TLD)

Let us tell you that quick approval of AdSense is available only on the top-level domain. You should always buy a top-level domain for your website. If you do not know about the domain at all.

And you don’t even know what top-level domains are. So you can read this article completely. In which you have been told about all the important information related to the domain. how to buy a domain

4. Use SSL Certificate

Make sure to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate in the domain. A website that has SSL is considered by Google a trusted website. Search Engine also gives value to this type of website. If your website has SSL, then you have a very good chance of getting AdSense.

5. AdSense Responsive Theme

You should always install AdSense Responsive Theme on your website. You will find many Free Adsense Responsive Themes on the Internet. If your website is on WordPress, and you want to use a Paid Theme, then you should use Generatepress Theme or Newspaper Theme.

Both these themes are most commonly used in blogging. And the fastest AdSense Approval is available on these themes. Although Approval is easily available even on Free Theme, you should design it well.

6. Create User-Friendly Design

If you should take AdSense on your website, then for this it is very important to give User-Friendly Design to your website. So that whatever user comes to your website to get some information, can easily get all the information on your website.

You should not use any kind of animation or slider widget on your website. This spoils the user experience. As much as possible, one should keep his website simple.

7. Create a Limited Category

You should make only 3 or four categories in the beginning. If you have created 3 categories in your website, then you should put 10 posts in each category, if you have created 4 categories, then you should put 8 or 10 posts in each category.

However, if you have written all the posts between 1200 to 1500 words, and have written new content, then you will get approval very easily in the first go itself. Many people create a lot of categories on their blog at the beginning itself, due to which if there is a problem in their content,

So they are unable to fix it and they face problems in getting AdSense approved. But you do not have to do this, you have to create only 3 categories. I have taken approval on many blogs by creating only 3 categories. How to Approve Google Adsense.

8. Create Pages

You must create pages of Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms and Conditions in your blog. If you do not have any of these pages on your blog, then you may face problems in getting Approval.

For example, you can see all these pages in the Top Header of the Hindi Dada Blog. From this, you will get an idea, of how you can make all these pages.

9. Avoid Writing Illegal Content

Google AdSense has some content policies. There are also some topics that AdSense does not accept. You should avoid writing Illegal Content on your website. You can read AdSense Content Policy to know about all the topics. Which you will find on google. Write only articles related to your topic.

10. Do not Use Copyrighted Content

You should not use copyrighted content in your blog post. If you should not download and upload any Images or Video from the Internet in your blog. This can cause problems for you to get AdSense.

If you want to add Images to your blog, then you can download Images from Pixabay Website. There is no copyright on any photo downloaded from this website. Apart from this, you can also create images for your post from Canva.

11. Choose the Language of the Blog

You should use AdSense Support Language to build your blog. Because AdSense supports only a few languages. Like Hindi Dada is a Hindi blog. In the same way, you can create your blog in Hindi, English, Tamil, etc.

If you want to know which languages are supported by AdSense, then search Google by typing Adsense Supported Languages, and you will get the complete list. You can create your blog in any language you want. In which you can write easily.

12. Spam Traffic Should be Avoided

You should avoid taking spam traffic on your blog. Some people start sending traffic to it in the wrong way after creating their blog. Because of this, they do not get AdSense Approval. You should not take traffic in the beginning in any way. You have to keep writing your posts.

After some time, Organic Traffic will start coming to your blog from Google. If your blog gets 20 to 50 visitors daily. Even then you can apply the blog for AdSense. AdSense does not look at the traffic on your blog, it looks at the content quality of your blog.

13. Use the Quanswer And Answer Website

You can use the Quanswer And Answer website to get new ideas related to your topic on your blog. There are two main such websites. Where you get the newest ideas. Quora comes on the first number and Question Hub on the second number.

You can also take ideas for posts related to your topic from here. Here you will find most such questions, about which very few people have written on the internet. Taking the idea from here and writing a post, there is a lot of chance that you will get the approval of AdSense soon.

Google Adsense Account Approval Trick

How to Approve Google Adsense for your website in the above article? Here is all the important information about it. If you follow all the steps given above, then you will get 100% AdSense Approval. Let us now know, some Tips and Tricks related to Google AdSense Approval and some important things, which will be useful for you –

  • You should always buy a good domain, and buy a domain from a good domain company.
  • Web Hosting has a very important function for a blog. If your hosting is good, then the speed of your blog is good, due to which you have a chance of getting AdSense Approval easily.
  • Always keep the design of your website user-friendly, and do not use too much animation or slideshow, etc.
  • Do not do Keyword Stuffing at all in your article.
  • An article should be of at least 1000 to 1500 words.
  • Have been posting regularly on my blog. If you are posting after leaving one day, then you should post only after leaving one day.

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  • Apply your blog for Google Adsense only after having at least 10 posts in all categories.
  • Keep posting posts on your blog regularly until Google Adsense is approved.
  • Do not use copyrighted images on your blog, if possible use Canva to create photos in the beginning.
  • You do not have to worry whether traffic comes to the blog or not, you will get AdSense Approval even without traffic.
  • Keep your blog absolutely clean, no Stylish Fancy Widget should be used in it.
  • Before applying in AdSense, check Google Search Console and Sitemap, etc thoroughly once.
  • Until you get the approval of AdSense, you should not go with any other Ads Network, nor should you use any kind of Affiliate Banner on your blog.
  • These were some AdSense Approval tricks, with the help of which you can easily get your blog approved from AdSense. How to Approve Google Adsense.


Friends, I hope that by reading this article of ours, you must have got complete information about Google Adsense. If you want to know more about Google Adsense. So you can ask us by commenting in the comment section. If you have got the right information by reading our article. So do not forget to share this article of ours with your friends. Stay connected with us to read such informative articles. We keep writing articles on new technology like this. Thank you very much for reading our article!

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