Zuckerberg Said – 50% of Facebook Employees may be Work from Home for Next 5 to 10 Years

  • The company will initially allow only 25 percent of its employees to work from the office when the office opens.
  • Work from home policy will remain in force even after January 1, employees will also get the facility to pay salary at their stated location.

The world’s largest social media company Facebook has supported the Work from Home policy because of the Kovid epidemic. The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that 50 percent of his employees will be able to do remote working for 5 to 10 years. The company wants to protect employees by doing so.

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Office Will Open With 25% Employees

At the opening of the office, the company will initially allow only 25 per cent of its employees to work from the office. The employee who supports remote working will have to give the location to the company. The company’s work from home policy will continue even after January 1. Explain that the company has implemented a work from policy for this entire year.

Employees will Get Salary at Their Location

As NBC News reported, Zuckerberg told employees where he wanted to live, so Facebook could adjust his salary. He also said that we will pay salary at the stated location of the employee. For those who are not honest about this, there will be serious changes.

Will Hire for Advanced Engineering

Zuckerberg said in live streaming on the Facebook page that many times you avoid hiring people from small towns, different communities and different backgrounds to work from the office. But there is no problem in hiring such people by working on the remote. He said the company could accelerate remote hiring. The company may be hiring for advanced engineering in the coming days.

60% of Employees Like to Go to Small Town

According to Market Watch, the Facebook home in Menlo Park, California, has an average home price of $ 2.4 million, compared to $ 928,000 last year in the broader Bay Area. Employees in Facebook’s internal survey were convinced that if they get a chance, they are ready to move to another location. About 60 percent of employees said they would prefer to move to a smaller city or town.

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