TATA Motors Shares Made Investors Rich, Know What is the Reason

TATA Motors Shares Made Investors Rich

Shares of Tata Motors surprised everyone on Dalal Street on Monday. During the trading on Monday, TATA Motors Share Price reached a 52-week high with a gain of nearly 13 per cent. Due to heavy volume trade, upper circuit also had to be installed. In fact, some reports have said that Tesla will be contracting with Tata Motors to sell its vehicles in India. Under this, Tesla will be able to use the existing facilities of Tata Motors. It was also said that Tesla has gathered complete information about this. The company found that Tata has the best electric vehicle infrastructure compared to all auto companies. However, there is no official statement from both companies about this.

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Shares of Tata Motors Jumped 250% After March 2020

Tata Motors shares are also seeing an upward trend for the eighth day today. The shares of the company have gone up by about 25 percent in the last 8 business days. On Tuesday (11 January 2021), Tata Motors shares are trading around 234 with a gain of over 6 per cent. Earlier on Monday, Tata Motors shares rose by 12.64 per cent to Rs 223.20 on the NSE. On the BSE, it rose 11.11 percent to Rs 220.10 per share. After reaching the lowest level in March, the shares of the company have seen a rise of 250 percent so far.

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Stock Market Rose 12%

According to the report, between January and December last year, the Indian stock market has grown by 12%. Due to this, the valuation of these companies has also increased. Apple is valued at $ 2.1 trillion in the list of the world’s 500 companies. Whereas it is followed by Microsoft. Its valuation is 1.6 trillion dollars. Of the 500 companies, 242 are from the US. While 51 companies from China and 30 companies from Japan are in this list.

JLR Business also Showed Strong Return

By December quarter, retail sales figures increased by 13.1 percent to 1,28,469 vehicles. In the first quarter, only 1,13,569 vehicles were sold. However, it is 9 percent less than the same period last year. Looking at China’s sales figures in the last quarter, it has been better. It has seen an increase of 20.2 percent. It has increased by 19.1 percent year-on-year.

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