Ram Bhoomi was Worshiped in Ayodhya, Pakistan Said – Hindutva forces dominate

Ram Bhoomi was Worshiped: On Wednesday, Ram temple was echoed throughout the country. The foundation of Ram temple has been laid in Ayodhya. When Modi became the first Prime Minister to visit Ramlala, Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat said that it is a pleasure to fulfill the centuries, the ritual of making India self-reliant has been completed. But, if you are thinking that temple construction will start from tomorrow, it is not so. Actually, its map has not yet passed. Let’s take a look at tomorrow’s big news-

Let’s talk about Ayodhya first. The construction of the temple has started after 492 years. During this time Ayodhya saw many stops. The mosque was built after breaking the temple. The mosque was broken again, then broken. 167 years ago, for the first time violence took place in Ayodhya over the temple, and 162 years ago the first FIR took place in this dispute. 135 years ago, the matter reached the court and 8 months and 27 days ago, a supreme decision was made to re-enshrine Ramlala. These figures tell many stories in themselves.

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The biggest story of the biggest controversy

It should not be a matter of the temple and not to mention Pakistan. On the construction of the temple, Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid in Imran Khan government has criticized the Modi government and termed it communal. Rashid said – India has now become Ram Nagar. 

Hinduist forces now dominate in India

Now let’s move to an important news related to reservation. The case of 10% reservation for General Category Economic Backward Classes (EWS) has been referred to the Supreme Court Constitutional Bench (Bench of 5 judges). The judgment was delivered by a bench of Supreme Court Chief Justice SA Bobde, Justice R Subhash Reddy and BR Gavai. The court reserved the verdict after hearing on 31 July 2019. Earlier, the Supreme Court had refused to stay the reservation decision on economic grounds. Ram Bhoomi was Worshiped.

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