Railway Board Chairman Announces: Rail Service will not be Stopped Due to Increase in Covid-19 Case

Railway Board Chairman Announces

Railway Board Chairman Announces: The cases of corona epidemic in the country are increasing steadily. Many states have also announced lockdowns to prevent infection. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Railway Board, Sunit Sharma has said that there are no plans of the Indian Railways to shut down the railway services or cut the number of trains. He assured that sufficient trains would be made available to the traveling public. There is no dearth of trains for those who want to travel.

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Increased Congestion at Railway Stations

Sunit Sharma said that there has been general rush at railway stations in the recent few months. We will increase the number of trains on request. Under this, more trains will be run during April-May. With the increase of Corona, there has been an increase in the number of passengers at stations across the country. The Chairman of the Railway Board also stressed the need for a negative certificate of Kovid-19 to travel by train. At the same time, many travelers say that they are traveling for fear of lockdown in the future. Railway Board Chairman Announces.

Western and Central Railway will Run Additional Trains

Considering the number of passengers, the Indian Railways has announced to run additional trains. 60 additional trains will be run by Western Railway and 58 by Central Railway. The new trains will run between Mumbai to Darbhanga, Mumbai to Gorakhpur, Mumbai to Ranchi, Solapur to Guwahati, Indore to Jaipur, Mumbai to Barauni, Gandhidham to Nagercoal, Rajkot to Coimbatore. Additional special trains will also run between Delhi to Amritsar and Daurai.

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More Than 1400 Trains are Running Right Now

The Chairman of the Railway Board said that at present we are running more than 1400 mail and express trains. At the same time, about 5300 trains are running in sub-urban. Apart from this, more than 800 passenger trains are running all over the country. Sunit Sharma said that passenger trains are being run less to prevent congestion. If the state governments decide then we can run more passenger trains.

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Platform Ticket Sales Closed at 6 Railway Stations in Mumbai

Corona cases are increasing rapidly in Maharashtra. In view of this, Indian Railways has stopped selling platform tickets at 6 railway stations in Mumbai. These stations include Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Kalyan, Thane, Dadar, Panvel and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. Last time, the price of platform ticket was increased from Rs 10 to Rs 50 to prevent congestion at railway stations. Central Railway has indicated that the general public can be stopped in the Mumbai local train service.

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