PUBG Took a Big Decision to Return to India, South Korean Company will Pull Out Chinese Investors Tencent Games

PUBG Took a Big Decision to Return to India
    • South Korean company formed mobile version with a Chinese company

PUBG Took a Big Decision to Return to India: South Korean company PubG Corporation is trying to bring its popular game players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) back to India. For this, PUBG Corporation has severed ties with Chinese company Tencent. The company has said in a blog that it has terminated the rights of Chinese company Tencent Games. After this move of PUBG, it is believed that she can also finish the relationship including investment with Tencent Games.

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The Government had Imposed a Ban on PUBG Only Last Week

On September 2, the central government banned 118 apps related to Chinese companies. It also included the popular game PubG. The government had banned the mobile version of PUBG. Its franchise in India was with Chinese company Tencent. It includes both full and light versions. The government has so far banned 224 apps related to China.

Now PUBG Corporation will Take Responsibility of Publishing Itself

PUBG Corporation said in the blog that in the changed circumstances, the company has decided to take up the publishing responsibility of PUBG Mobile franchise itself. We are further working on the option to give users of India a pub-like feel. We try our best to give our users a healthy gameplay atmosphere.

Mobile Version Created with Tencent

PUBG game is developed by South Korean company PUBG Corporation. The game is on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. However, the mobile version of the game is made in collaboration with sister company Tencent Games of Chinese company Tencent Holdings. There are full-flag and light variants of PUBG on mobile. PUBG Took a Big Decision to Return to India.

Working Together With the Government to Remove the Ban

PUBG Corporation said that they are following the recent ban on PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Light in India. The company says that we respect the ban imposed by the Indian government. The security of players’ data is the company’s priority. The company said that we are working together with the Indian government to solve the problem so that gamers can once again enjoy PUBG with Indian laws and regulations.

Pubs Downloaded 17.5 Million Times in India

PUBG is in the top-5 list of most downloaded games in the world. According to the Censor Tower report, PUBG has been downloaded over 73 crore times worldwide. Out of this 17.5 crore times i.e. 24% of the time Indians have downloaded. According to this, 1 out of every 4 publishers who play PUBG are Indians.

PUBG is the Highest Revenue Earning Game in the Gaming World

PubG is the highest revenue earning game in the gaming world. According to Censor Tower, so far PUBG has earned revenue of 3 billion dollars i.e. 23 thousand 745 crores. More than 50% of PubG’s revenue comes from China. PUBG generated revenues of $ 208 million (Rs 1,545 crore) in July. That is, in July, PUBG has earned Rs 50 crore every day. PUBG Took a Big Decision to Return to India.

Akshay Kumar has Announced to Bring FAU-G

After the ban on PUBG, many domestic companies have also prepared to bring a similar game. Meanwhile, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has announced to bring FAU-G game on the lines of PUBG. Akshay Kumar has also released the poster of his game. The game may launch by the end of October.

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