Microsoft will Close Retail Stores Around the World, Now Company’s Full Focus will be on Digital Platform

  • The company will now invest more in Xbox and Windows stores, including
  • Only four stores will be open which will be used as Microsoft Experience Center

Legendary tech giant Microsoft is going to close all its retail stores around the world. The company recently announced this. This decision also means that more than 80 retail stores closed by Microsoft due to the epidemic will no longer reopen. After their closure, the company’s retail team members should be associated with services such as customer service, sales, training and support. However, the company did not provide details of when the retail stores would be closed.

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The Company will Convert Four Stores into Experience Center

Microsoft said that they will now focus on digital stores. The company says that it will only open stores in four places where the products are no longer sold and are only used as experience centers. Company says it will continue investing in Xbox and Windows stores, including The company will operate Microsoft Experience Centers at locations such as London, New York, Sydney and the Redmond Campus.

Company will Provide all Facilities on Digital Platform

The company says that all the facilities available at retail stores will now be available to users on digital platforms as well. The company said that compared to retail stores, our online sales are continuously increasing and our team is providing better services to customers virtually. With Microsoft announcing the closure of its retail stores, it also stated that ‘we have built a team that has multitalented people and is able to work from any corner of the world. There are people in our team who know more than 120 languages ​​and this team is stronger than ever.

Could Not Achieve Popularity Like Apple

  • Microsoft is relying more on services like its cloud computing, with its retail stores focusing on Surface tablets and laptops as well as Xbox gaming gear. But physical stores such as Apple failed to achieve popularity. Independent technology analyst Neil Cybert said the company decided to close stores because Surface’s business is rapidly losing its place in the consumer space.
  • The impact of the epidemic has not yet been reflected in Microsoft’s financial results. The company made $ 10.8 billion in net profit from January to March, up 22 percent year-on-year, at a turnover of $ 35 billion. Despite production delays for the Surface range, the group believes it is well positioned for times of crisis, particularly in the field of cloud computing. In the era of social distancing, Microsoft is relying on its telenetworking, distance and education service.

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