Google Parent Company Alphabet Reached $1 Trillion Dollar, Pichai Increased 12% in One & Half Month After Becoming CEO

Google Parent Company Alphabet Touches One Trillion Dollar Market Cap

Google parent company Alphabet market cap reached $ 1 trillion (Rs 71 lakh crore) for the first time. The valuation rose as the company’s stock rose 0.8% on Thursday. Alphabet’s valuations have risen 12% in the one and a half months since Indian-origin Sundar Pichai (47) became CEO. Pichai became CEO on 4 December, the day Alphabet stood at $ 893 billion (Rs 64 lakh crore). US stock market analysts see Pichai’s leadership as positive. They have also raised the target of Alphabet’s share price. 85% of Alphabet’s revenue comes from Google. Pichai has also been responsible for the CEO of Google since 2015. In his leadership, Google’s ad revenue has increased by 85% in the last 3 years. Google Parent Company Alphabet Touches One Trillion Dollar Market Cap.

3 US Companies Put Together for the First Time in a Trillion Dollar Elite Club

The Alphabet’s stock gained more than 8% in 16 days this year. Alphabet is the fourth company in the US to reach a trillion dollars. This is the first time the three US companies together are at a trillion dollar valuation. All three are tech companies. Apple is at number one and Microsoft at number two. Amazon also reached $ 1 trillion in 2018, but currently stands at $ 931 billion.

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest company in market cap. Aramco’s market capitalization is currently $ 1.8 trillion. Last month, it became the first company in the world to make $ 2 trillion. The valuation of the company declined as Aramco’s stock fell during tensions between the US and Iran.

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It was under the leadership of Pichai as CEO that Google focused on the development of products and services powered by AI. Explain that Google has announced that if Sundar Pichai achieves his target, he will be given $ 240 million worth of shares in three years. Apart from this, they will be given an annual salary of $ 2 million from the year 2020.

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