Google Office will Now be Closed Till September 7, Due to Corona Increasing Cases, Time for Reopening the Office is Extended by Two Months

  • The company has said that employees will continue working from home until the company asks them to come to the office.
  • The company has already allowed most of its employees to do work from home throughout the year.

Legendary tech company Google has decided to shut down offices in many countries including the US till 7 September. Explain that the company had announced to open the Google Office from July 6.
During this, the company said in its statement that in the initial phase, the company will call only a limited number of employees. However, due to Corona’s increasing case, the company has extended the office opening time. The company said in the statement that the rotation program will scale up. and start office with 30 percent capacity by September, if the situation permits.

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Company Gave Information by Sending Memo to Employees

According to a Reuters report, the Alphabet company has sent a memo to its employees. In this, he has asked the employees to work from home i.e. work from home. The company has said that employees will continue to work from home until. the company asks them to come to the office. Company has taken this step due to global security. The company said that in many cities, corona cases are still very high.

Let us know that the company has already given the majority of its employees permission to do work from home throughout the year. In addition, the company has also announced an allowance of $ 1,000 to each employee for the necessary equipment. and office furniture expenses, or an equivalent price according to their country. to work from home. Google Office.

1.73 Lakh New Cases Filed in Last 24 Hours Worldwide

The corona epidemic is taking frightening forms worldwide. More than one crore people have been caught in the world. According to the Worldometer, one crore 5 lakh people have been infected with Corona all over the world so far. while the death toll has crossed five lakh. However, around 58 lakh people have also recovered.
70 percent of the world’s corona cases have come from only 12 countries. The US still tops the list of countries affected by Corona. So far, 27.27 lakh people have been affected by infection. while one lakh 30 thousand people have lost their lives.

The search engine Google has taken an important step towards increasing cases of fatal infection of the corona virus. Google has launched an educational corona virus website, with the help of which people can get information related to this epidemic along with protecting themselves. Also you can avoid any rumors related to it. Earlier, US President Donald Trump claimed in a press conference that Google would create a screening website for the Corona virus, directing people to the testing site. You can access this website of Google through

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