Elon Musk Says Tesla Would be Shut Down If Car Used for Spying in China

Elon Musk Says Tesla Would be Shut Down

Elon Musk, CEO of the American electric car manufacturer Tesla, has heard China well. Musk said on Saturday that he would shut down his company if Tesla’s car was used for espionage. Musk responded to reports that the Chinese military has banned the entry of Tesla cars into its premises. Elon Musk Says Tesla.

Information is Very Confidential

Speaking at the Virtual Discussion of a major Chinese forum, Elon Musk said that we have many reasons to keep any information very confidential. Tesla’s CEO said that Tesla would be discontinued if a vehicle was used for espionage in China or elsewhere.

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Chinese Army Objected to Cameras Installed in Tesla Cars

International media reports say that the Chinese military has banned entry of Tesla cars into its premises. The Chinese military has imposed this restriction, raising security concerns with cameras installed in Tesla cars. These reports related to the ban have come at a time when officials from China and the United States are negotiating in Alaska. The talks between the officials of the two countries are taking place for the first time after Joe Biden became the President of the US. Both the World’s Largest Economies Must Restore Confidence.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk, one of the world’s two largest economies, urged the US and China to restore confidence among themselves. In addition, Musk also held discussions with a panel of Chinese experts involved in quantum physics.

Tesla Sold 1,47,445 cars in China Last Year

China is the world’s largest car market and there is huge competition for electric vehicles. Last year, Tesla sold 1,47,445 cars in China. However, Tesla is getting strong competition from domestic carmaker Neo Inc in China. Elon Musk Says Tesla.

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China is the Largest Market for Cars

In China, the world’s largest car market and a challenging place for electric vehicles. China accounts for 30 percent of Tesla’s global sales. Tesla sold 147,445 vehicles last year. However, this year it is facing more competition from domestic rivals such as Geely from Nio Inc.

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