Apple Revenue Crosses $100 Billion for First Time as iPhone Sales Soar Globally

Apple Revenue Crosses $100 Billion for First Time as iPhone Sales Soar Globally

Apple Revenue Crosses $100 Billion: Apple, the world’s largest company, has done business of $ 111.4 billion (Rs 8.13 lakh crore) in the December quarter. This is the first time for any company, not only Apple, when the quarterly turnover has crossed $ 100 billion. The company has received $ 65 billion (Rs 4.74 lakh crore) only from the sale of iPhone.

It is worth noting that in the September quarter of 2018, the total business of Apple was $ 62.9 billion. That is, the quarterly turnover was two years ago, now it has become only iPhone. The previous record for iPhone sales was set in the March quarter of 2018. Then it had a revenue of 61.58 billion dollars (4.5 lakh crore rupees).

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CEO Tim Cook said that Apple surpassed the number of 1.65 billion active devices during this quarter. In addition, Apple has earned $ 12.97 billion in revenue from the wearables, smart home and accessories segment and $ 15.8 billion in services in the quarter. Apple Revenue Crosses $100 Billion.

IPhone sales up 17% and iPads up 41%

The iPhone accounts for more than 58% of the company’s total business. Quarter revenue grew by 21% and profit by 30%. Apple’s profit in the last quarter was $ 28.75 billion (Rs 2 lakh crore). Sales of iPhone grew by 17%, iPad by 41%, Mac computers by 21%, Accessories by 30% and Services by 24%.

Apple’s 165 million devices active in the world

CEO Tim Cook said that Apple’s 165 million devices are active in the world. This is also the record so far. There are more than 100 million iPhones in them. America accounts for 36% of the total sales and 64% of the rest of the countries.

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India’s smartphone market share doubled

Tim Cook also has high expectations from India. He said that Apple’s share in India’s smartphone market has doubled. According to data firm CMR, Apple had a market share of 4% in the December quarter. Cook said that online stores in India have received very good response. Soon retail stores will also be launched here.

Apple’s first store can open in Mumbai this year

Cook said in February last year that the first store in India would be opened in 2021. According to the news, the first store is expected to open in Mumbai this year. Apple does not have its own stores in India right now. It sells iPhones in partnership with others. Cook said, “We are not good retail partners. We don’t want anyone else to run our brand. We will run it ourselves.” According to data firm CMR, Apple sales in India grew by 60% in 2020.

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Mac sales have reached 21% year over year. Data is going to please Apple. Especially for Apple’s new Mac computers. Which includes the M1-powered Macbook Air Pro Macbook Mini. Also iPads include iPad Air.

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