Oscar Awards 2020: Korean Film Parasite First Non-English Best Film, Won Four Awards in 6 Nominations

Oscar Awards 2020 Korean Film Parasite First Non-English Best Film
  • Best Performance- Parasite won four awards in 6 nominations. Created history by winning best picture award
  • Worst performance – “The Irishman” received 10 nominations. The film adorned with the giants did not receive a single award

Oscar Awards 2020: The South Korean film ‘Parasite’ created history by winning the Best Picture Award at the 92nd Academy Awards. For the first time in 92 years, a non-English film Oscar has been voted Best Film. At the same time, Renee Zellweger and Walk in Phoenix won the Best Actors Award. In addition, Brat Pitt and Laura Dern were chosen as the best supporting actors.

A Critic Described the Film 1917 as a Big Contender

Oscar Winning Predictions were released by hollywoodreporter.com film writer Scott Finberg and film critic Todd McCarthy. According to him, Sam Mendis’s film ‘1917’ had the upper hand. Apart from this, there were speculations that ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ could also become the best picture, directed by Quinton Tarantino. But Master Director Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite made history by winning.

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parasite oscars 2020 Korean Film Parasite First Non-English Best Film

Film writer Scott Finberg, in his analysis after the Ceremony, expressed a bit of surprise at giving ‘Parasite’ the best picture. He said that there are a total of 8469 members in the Academy, which decides the Oscar Award. Most of those bourgeois whites are American. They are very intelligent. Sometimes their choice surprises and sometimes make us happy. Seeing the 92nd Academy Award on Sunday, I get the attention of the first non-American Best Picture ‘Hamlet’ in 1949. On that day, similar noise and sorrowful sounds were heard. But, when I see the Korean film ‘Parasite’ as the first non-English language winner of Best Picture in 2020, it seems that Hollywood’s elite members are really standing on their feet and cheering the film fiercely Huh. Oscar Awards 2020.

Audience Favorites ‘Joker’ and ‘The Irishman’

The Joker, directed by Todd Phillips, based on the DC Comics character, received 11 nominations, but the film received only two awards for Best Actor and Original Score. Apart from this, the most disappointment came to Netflix Studios ‘The Irishman’. Adorned with stars such as Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, the film could not win a single award after ten nominations.

Bong Joon’s ‘Parasite’ Surprised Everyone

The most surprising film at the Oscars 2020 was ‘Parasite’. After getting the nomination in 6 categories, the film has won four awards. The film won the titles of Best Screenplay and Best International Film including two big categories like Best Director and Best Film. At the same time, Quinton Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, which was second in the matter of nomination, received just two awards. Brad Pitt, who won the supporting actor for the film, won an Oscar for acting for the first time in his career.

War Film ‘1917’ at Number 2

The war film ‘1917’ performed best after Parasite. ‘1917’, which won the Best Film at the Golden Globe Awards, won only three Oscars. While the film was nominated in 10 categories. Apart from this, the dramam. drama ‘Marriage Story’ and ‘Jojo Rabbit’ got one Oscar each.

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