Kanika Kapoor Breaks Protocol, Health Minister Said – Action will be Taken, People Said – Send to Jail

Kanika Kapoor Breaks Protocol

Kanika Kapoor was worried about suffering corona earlier, but now her difficulties are seen increasing. Now the state government is talking about taking legal action against them. UP Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh said that Kanika Kapoor has broken the protocol after coming from abroad. She has gone to many places without informing anyone. In such a situation, action will be taken on them. In fact, after the World Health Organization declared the corona virus as an epidemic, it is the responsibility of all citizens to follow the protocol and quarantine themselves after coming from abroad and contact the health department if they get any symptoms. Do. But Kanika did not do this. At the same time, the Secretary of Health Department has also indicated action against Kanika.

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Big Contradiction Between Father and Daughter

However, when Kanika Kapoor had a special conversation with Aaj Tak, he said that his father was wrong and said that he was wrong. When Kanika was asked about this again, she said that her father could not say so. Kanika said that after returning to India from London, she must have met 10 to 30 people and as soon as she saw the symptoms of the flu herself, she had told everyone about it.

Kanika Became a Headache for the Health Department

Please tell that after Kanika’s corona positive, a new headache has started for the entire health department. From the building where Kanika lives, there is a stir among all the people she met. Almost every citizen who comes from abroad is first kept in quarantine and it is duly examined. In such a situation, the question is also rising that how Kanika passed the corona test after coming from abroad and how she was allowed to come straight home without keeping her in isolation.

There is Stir in the Capital

There has been a stir in the capital Lucknow after Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor got Corona positive. It is being told that after coming from London, Kanika Kapoor attended a party at the house of former MP Akbar Ahmed Dampi in Dalibagh. More than 100 celebrities attended this party, including many big politicians, bureaucrats and judges.

Former CM Raje Isolated Himself

After Kanika is found positive, it is reported that Vasundhara Raje has isolated herself. At the same time, Dushyant Singh has got his corona test done, which has just come negative. Along with this, Jitin Prasad has also gone into isolation. There is also talk of keeping all the people involved in the party in Isolation.


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