Guru Randhawa Birthday: Randhawa Climbed the Ladder of Success, Has seen with International Rapper Pitbull

Guru Randhawa Birthday,

Guru Randhawa Birthday: Singer Guru Randhawa is celebrating his birthday on 30 August. Guru Randhawa is an internet sensation. His songs trend on social media. His songs get millions of views on YouTube. Guru Randhawa has been in the industry for a long time. He has also appeared with International Star Pit Bull.

Guru Randhawa was seen in the Spanish song “MUEVE LA CINTURA”. In this song he was with international rapper Pit Bull. International singing star Pit Bull is known for his fast rap.

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Guru Randhawa Birthday

How was Guru Randhawa’s Musical Journey

Guru Randhawa started his musical journey in 2012. He was seen in a song called Same Girl. However, this song did not play anything special. The true journey of Guru Randhawa started from 2013. His first single ‘Chad Gayi’ was released. After this he launched his album page one. In this album, he released three songs. But no one got any special popularity. 2014 too was nothing special for Guru Randhawa. But the Guru did not give up the courage and hard work.

In 2015, Guru Randhawa got his first success. His song ‘Patola’ climbed on people’s tongues. This song was launched on YouTube of T series. Bohemia also accompanied Guru Randhawa in this song. It was here that Guru Randhawa’s life changed. Or like this was the turning point of his life. After this, Guru gave many hit songs like High Rated, Lahore Di, Suit, Ban Ja Meri Rani, Raat Kamal, Ishare Tere Hai.

Many of his Punjabi songs were also used in Hindi films. Highrated Gabru, Patola. Songs like Suit-Suit, Morni Banke succeeded in making Randhawa different.

High Rated Gabru – This song was also released in 2017, which was well liked by the people. This song is also on the tongue of the people today and that is why the views of this song are more than 95 crores, which are going to be 100 crores soon.

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