What is YouTube How to Create Channel on YouTube?

What is YouTube

Hello friends, today through this article we are going to tell you about YouTube. What is youtube, and who created it? What can we do on youtube? How can we earn money from this? What is its history? Through this article, we will tell you all this in detail. Stayed on this article of ours to know about YouTube.

YouTube is the biggest platform for video sharing. People share videos by creating channels on YouTube. And also promote your brand. Also sell products through YouTube. Many people make videos related to education and share them on YouTube. In today’s time, YouTube is the biggest platform for sharing videos. You can also increase your life by creating your own channel on YouTube. And you can also grow in your business

In today’s time, many people are earning good money from YouTube. And they have created a different brand value of their own. By making videos on YouTube, if you want to earn money by creating a YouTube channel. So first of all you must have a mobile or camera to make videos on YouTube. If you have a smartphone too, then you can make videos from that too and publish them on a YouTube channel.

What is YouTube?

This is a video-sharing website. In which any type of information about the world can be understood through videos. information can be obtained. We can also earn money from YouTube. This is the world’s largest video-sharing website. Any kind of information is required. So we go to YouTube and search for that information.

We see the video immediately there. And from that we get information. We have the ability to share our knowledge through videos on Youtube as well. By creating our ID on YouTube, we can also upload our videos.

History of YouTube

The credit for making Youtube goes to three former PayPal employees. Whose names are Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Javed Karim? These three people created YouTube on 14 February 2005. Which was bought by Google on November 2006. Currently, its head is Susan Wojcicki. The number of employees on YouTube is around 2000. YouTube provides its registered people with the option of watching videos as well as uploading videos. People can also share their videos on YouTube.

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For that, they have to subscribe to the channel. After taking the channel member on YouTube, he can make his video and put it. If we want to watch videos without advertisements on youtube premium. So for that YouTube will purchase premium programs. And from there we can watch videos without ads. Along with this, we can see some more important videos there.

First Video on YouTube

The first video in YouTube was put by Javed Karim, whose title was “Me At The Zoo”. This video is still saved in YouTube. Javed Karim shot this video in a ZOO. You can watch this video on youtube.

Who is the Founder of YouTube?

Susan Wojcicki, the founder of YouTube, has been serving as its CEO since February 2014. Wojcicki was also involved in the founding of Google and became its first marketing manager in 1999. You must definitely know something about it and what is its history.

If you do not know this and want to get more information about it, then there is no need to take tense because today I am going to give you the best information about how to earn money from YouTube. With this information, you will get answers to all the questions raised in your mind, and who knows, you too will become a big YouTuber in the future and we all will watch your videos.

You all know that India is a very big country. The population here is very high and because of this, there is no work for the youth in our country despite being educated. There are not so many industries where everyone can get a job. In such a situation, it is sure that everyone keeps on searching for other options. Want to know different ways by which money can be earned? This episode, it comes to online marketing.

Who Created YouTube?

Youtube is the second largest platform in the world, which is used by almost all the people of the world, either making videos or watching videos, but YouTube has become so popular that there will be no person in the world who does not watch videos on YouTube.

That’s why sometimes the question comes to mind who made YouTube, YouTube was created by three former employees of PayPal, whose names are Chad Hurley, Steve Chan, and Jawed Karim.

Features of Youtube

YouTube is a very big platform, it is very important to know about its features, so let’s know about the features of YouTube below.

1. Creating a Channel

The most important feature of YouTube is that here you can create your own channel and upload videos on the channel.

2. Video upload

Another important feature of YouTube is that you can make videos and upload them to YouTube, the main task of YouTube is to upload videos through your channel.

3. Like and dislike video

Like and dislike facility has been provided by YouTube for whatever video is put on YouTube, that people watch, people can put their views on that video.

4. Video sharing

If you want to share all the videos on YouTube, then you can share those videos on any platform.

5. Commenting on videos

If you want to give your comment on any video, want to tell your opinion or want to discuss, then you can comment below that video and try to know its answer from people.

6. Subscribe to the YouTube channel

You can subscribe to whatever channel you like on YouTube, after which whenever a new video is uploaded on that channel, you will get its notification.

7. Saving Video

If you need to save a video in all the videos on YouTube, then you can save it on your mobile and whenever you want to watch that video, you can watch that video without the internet.

Advantages of YouTube


YouTube is a free platform on which you do not have to pay any kind of money to watch videos, For any type of video you want to watch, want to get information, then you can watch videos on YouTube for free and get information. Huh.


If you want to learn through YouTube, then you can learn YouTube very easily by sitting at home on your smartphone internet, YouTube is a platform that provides information to people sitting at home. .


Everyone wants me to be known to the people of the world and for that YouTube has become a platform on which people have increased their fan following a lot by creating channels and have become famous.

So YouTube is such a platform that you want us to become famous among people, people know you, if you want to earn a name, then you can easily earn on YouTube according to your talent.


If you want to spread any kind of publicity or want to promote your product or your business, then YouTube provides you with such a facility that you can do any kind of advertisement through YouTube or you can also make a video for your business. Can tell people about the product, can show it.

Watch Favorite Video

You can select whatever is your favorite video on YouTube and you can watch that video whenever you want. Whatever is your favorite video on YouTube, you can save it and you can watch it according to your wish.

How to Use YouTube

If you want to watch videos on YouTube, then first of all you will need a smartphone, and this smartphone will require the internet. You will download the YouTube app from the Play Store on your smartphone or you have seen in your smartphone whether YouTube’s app is there or not if it is.

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Whether you will open it or not, you can search for any video by downloading it from Play Store and opening the YouTube app or whatever video will appear there, if you like that video then you can watch it. If you do not want to watch videos from the YouTube app, then you can directly visit YouTube’s website, where you can go and search for videos and watch whatever video you want to watch.

How to Login to YouTube

People often ask this question that how to log in on YouTube, and how to create a login ID for that, then you must have a Gmail account to login to YouTube, if you do not have a Gmail account, then create a Gmail account.

And with the same Gmail account, you can also login directly to YouTube, when you login to Gmail, you will directly login to YouTube from Gmail itself, after which you can subscribe to the channel, like, dislike or subscribe to the video.

How to Earn from YouTube

To earn money, first of all, we should have this information. About what we can share the best information with people. So after preparing our mindset, we will create our own channel on Youtube.

And after that by preparing the best video quality, contact, voice everything. Will upload the video and after uploading the video will go to the people. When 4000 hours of watch time will be completed on the video, and 1000 subscribers will be completed on the channel, and this should happen within a year. Then we can start earning money through advertisement or sponsorship on people’s channels.

How to Earn Money From YouTube

There are many ways to earn money from YouTube, but for that, it is most important that you create your own channel on YouTube and make videos, attract more and more people if you complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on your channel, then you can earn money from YouTube. Money can be earned in the ways given below.

Google Adsense

When you complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on your channel, then earning starts on your videos, ads are shown through Google Adsense, and you’re earning starts from Google Adsense on Youtube. Earning money too.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a channel on YouTube and you get good views, then you can earn money from affiliate marketing, for that, you can create an affiliate account from Amazon, Flipkart, or any other popular website and whatever its products are. You can also earn a lot of money from Affiliate Marketing by promoting it through your channel. Most people are earning a lot of money from Amazon through Affiliate Marketing.


Gradually, when your Youtube channel starts becoming a bit popular, people start talking about it, people start reaching more and more of your videos, then whatever small business or business people are doing, they are doing something or the other. Contact you for promotion sponsorship and you start earning from that sponsor promotion.


When you become a good YouTuber on YouTube, when you get one lakh two lakh subscribers on your channel, you get 1000000 subscribers. Then you start getting advertisements from some big companies too, due to which you start earning well, only then do you have talent, you can make a good video, then you can earn a lot of money from advertisement as well.

What is Needed for Success on YouTube?

Uploading videos on a regular basis to become a successful YouTuber. Making the quality content sound excellent of the video. Good title in the video. Write the description well. Putting famous tags, making videos on famous topics. All these points will help you to be successful on YouTube.

How Much Money Does YouTube Pay on How Many Views?

Often people are troubled by such questions that how much money is received on Youtube because new people who come to Youtube try to know how much money they get on YouTube. How much money do you get on how many views on youtube? It completely depends on you, on what kind of topic you have made a video on and where people are watching that video, as far as a figure is given, even 1000, you can earn $ 1 or even less. Maybe.

Disadvantages of YouTube

  • There are many videos on YouTube in which wrong information is given.
  • Sometimes the user experience gets spoiled due to irregular advertisements coming on YouTube.
  • YouTube’s algorithm is not as advanced as Google’s to prevent showing wrong information.


Friends, I hope that by reading this article of ours, you must have got complete information about YouTube. If you have got the right information by reading our article. So do not forget to share this article of ours with your friends. If you want to know more about YouTube, then you can ask us by commenting in the comment section. Stay with us to read such informative articles. We keep writing articles on such new topics. Thank you very much for reading our article!

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