What is Twitter How to Create a Twitter Account?

What is Twitter

Hello friends, today through this article we are going to tell you about Twitter. What is Twitter and what is its use? Who created Twitter, and who is the owner of Twitter now? I will tell you all this in detail. Stay tuned to our article to know more about It.

In this digital age, most people spend their hours on social media. One of the very famous platforms is also Twitter. Most people use Twitter to tweet and share their thoughts through text images and videos. Twitter also does the job of news very well. There is some trending news in the country and abroad. He starts trending on Twitter within a few moments. Twitter is also the best platform to know about trending news.

You can also promote your business through Twitter. Like someone is your website and youtube channel. So by tweeting that too on Twitter, you can bring good traffic from there too. If the number of followers on your Twitter handle is correct. So if you share any video on Baha or your website and YouTube channel then you can bring good traffic from there too. A good medium to grow your brand as well

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform. People display here their thoughts through photos, videos, tweets, and retweets. It is a social media networking site similar to Facebook and Instagram. Which allows written posts up to 140 characters. Through this, the other user is followed.

A user can view tweets and retweets from all of their Twitter friends. In addition, Twitter also provides the facility of SMS. The service provider has to pay a fee for the SMS facility whereas Twitter is a free service on the Internet. Photos captured on It can be directly converted into GIF images without the need for any third-party app. This networking site is available in many languages of the world. Which is also called a micro-blogging social networking site.

The full name of Twitter is Typing What I’m Thinking That Everyone’s Reading. Which means writing something that we are thinking about and that everyone should read. Its main function is to find out what work a certain person is doing at any given time. With these features, Twitter has become the most used social networking site in the world.

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Twitter has over 500 million active users, most of whom use it from their mobiles or tablets. It is a type of social media application that provides its users with a place where they can share their thoughts, information, or jokes. It is also called an online news networking site. Because it is also used to make most of the news public. Tweeting on this platform means communicating with people who like you on Twitter through a short message ie tweets.

This is the reason why every famous person in the world is definitely found on Twitter and has crores of fans who follow him. Most of the political, international, and criminal issues of the whole world are raised on Twitter.

Twitter is a Which Country Company?

Twitter is a social media company in the United States of America. Which started in America. Shortly after its launch, it established its dominance in the whole world. Today this social networking site is also known for online news.

This American social networking site is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. It has more than 25 offices around the world where its international operations are handled.

Who Owns Twitter?

If you want to know who is the owner of Twitter then I will tell you. Know who will become the new owner of Twitter after It is sold.

Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams on March 21, 2006. Initially, Twitter was named Twitch, later it was named Twitter.com. The idea of making Twitter came into the mind of Jack Dorsey and Jack Dorsey has been the first CEO of Twitter. That’s why Jack Dorsey is called the owner of it and Jack Dorsey is called the Father of it.

But on 25 April 2022, Twitter was bought by Elon Musk, a businessman from America. Elon Musk bought it by giving 44 billion dollars (about 3.30 lakh crore rupees). Now in today’s date, Elon Musk is the owner of it.

How to Create Twitter Account

If you know how to create an account on Facebook and Instagram, then it is not too difficult for you to create an account on Twitter. Because creating an account on Twitter is just like Facebook.

You can use Chrome Browser or Twitter App in mobile to create an account on Twitter. Because today everyone runs smartphones, so we use Twitter App to create a Twitter account, so let’s know how to create a Twitter account.


First of all, you have to install the Twitter App on Google Play Store or by clicking on the button below.


As soon as the Twitter App opens, you have to click on Get Started and enter your name and mobile number and click on the Next button.


Now after clicking on the Sign-up button, you have to enter OTP to verify your mobile number and click on the Next button.


Now choose the Password for your Twitter Account and after clicking on the Next button, choose the Categories of your choice and click on the Next button again.

So in this way you can create your Twitter account by following these steps. This is a very easy task, it takes only 4-5 minutes of your time.

Features of Twitter

Before using Twitter, you need to know the basic things of Twitter so that you can know about Twitter well and run Twitter. If you use Facebook and Instagram, then you must be aware of things like Like, Comment and Share.

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Similarly on Twitter also you should know about many such things like

  • Twitter username(@)
  • tweets
  • retweets
  • Followers and Following
  • Mention
  • Direct Message
  • Hashtag(#)

Twitter username(@abc)

On Twitter, you get to see the At The Rate(@) symbol next to each username. After creating your Twitter account, it automatically appears next to your name.


Whenever you write or post something on Twitter, it is called Tweet, which has a limit, in which you have to use only 140 words.


It’s just like sharing, when you like someone’s tweet, you can retweet it. By doing this, that tweet starts appearing on your timeline, which also reaches the people who follow you.

Followers and Following

On Twitter, you get the follow button on every user’s profile. After clicking on this button, you keep getting information about every Tweet of that user.

The people who come to your profile and click on the Follow button are your followers and when you go to someone’s profile and click on the follow button, it means that you are following them.


Mention is used to refer to another user while tweeting as a reference. For example @1hindi

After mentioning it, a notification goes to that person. After this, he becomes alert and is able to answer that mention.

Direct Message

A direct message is the opposite of a tweet because the information is exchanged between two specific individuals. There is an option for direct messaging on Twitter, after selecting which only those users who are following them will receive direct messages.


You must have heard the name HashTag (#), it is used while writing a post on Twitter, and people who use the same HashTag (#) then work in a group in which people discuss that topic. . Anyone can join the discussion using this hashtag.

How to Run Twitter Account

Running a Twitter account is very easy, and can be run by any Smartphone user, so let’s understand how to run a Twitter account with the help of the Twitter App.

What is Twitter


When you open the Twitter App, first you see the Home button, on which you see the Tweets of all the people you follow.


Using this search button, you can search anything on Twitter and you can search the Twitter account of your friends, like search hp_jinjholiya to join us on Twitter, then click on it.

Notification Bell

Here you keep getting all kinds of notifications like someone following you, retweeting tweets, etc.

Message Request

After clicking on this button, you get to see all the messages that have been sent to you.

Tweet Button

After clicking on this button, you can tweet on your Twitter account and share your thoughts.


Friends, I hope that by increasing our article, you people must have got complete information about Twitter. If you have got the right information by reading our article. So don’t forget to share this article of ours with your friends. And if you want to know more about Twitter then you can ask us by commenting in the comment section. Stay with us to read such informative articles. We will keep writing articles on such new topics. Thank you very much for reading our article!

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