What is Machine Learning? Future of Machine Learning

Future of Machine Learning

Hello friends, through this article we will tell you what is machine learning. How does this work? What is the future scope of machine learning? What is the Advantage of Machine Learning? History of machine learning? Today we will tell you all this through this article.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is such a modern technology of programming, through which computer programs are designed in such a way that it learns to study new things on their own and can take decisions on their own when needed. In other words, machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables the system to automatically learn something and make better decisions when needed. If understood in an easy language, then machine learning clearly teaches the system to do automatic learning without programming. Machine learning can make any system so efficient to perform a task that the machine can use its past experience to perform that task and improve it in the future.

How Machine Learning Works

Machine learning is the brain where all computers or machines start learning like the human brain. The way a machine learns is similar to that of a human. Man learns from experience, the more we know, the easier we can predict. By analogy, when we are faced with an unknown situation the probability of success is less than the known situation.

The machines are trained. To make accurate predictions, the machine looks at an example. When we give a similar example to the machine. So it can find out the result. However, like a human, if given an unseen example of this. So the machine has difficulties in making predictions.

The main purpose of machine learning is learning and inference. First, the machine learns through pattern discovery. It’s thanks for the search data. Data, an important part of learning, is choosing carefully what data to provide to the machine. The list of features used to solve a problem is called a feature vector.

Future of Machine Learning

In today’s time, it is being used a lot and in the coming time it will completely change our life, big tech companies like Google and Tesla are slowly making a concept like Self Driving cars which is not possible before. was.

Apart from this, there are many such areas where the use of machine learning has started and in the future, its demand will increase even more. The future of machine learning will be very bright and at the same time, it will also help us to lead a comfortable life.

In many big hospitals, this is used to detect cancer cells inside the patient, due to which timely treatment of the patient also saves his life. In the future, many things will be automated using this.

So if you are a student then you must work on this subject, if you want to learn Machine Learning then you should have pre-requisite information about some subjects like

  • Statistics & Probability
  • Algebra
  • graph theory
  • Calculus
  • Programming Languages ​​–> Python, C, C++, Ruby, MatLab.

History of Machine Learning

Today, even though machine learning has advanced a lot, today, 71 years ago, the idea of ​​machine learning came to the mind of British mathematician AlanTuring.

  • In the year 1950, AlanTuring got the idea that machines can also think like humans, after that he created The Imitation Game, in which he made two humans and a computer in three different rooms and the first person was in the form of a text message. Used to ask questions, now both a robot and a human were answering the question being asked by the earlier person, but now because all three are in different rooms, the question that the earlier person was asking was not understood. The answer is given by humans or computers. Alan Turing believed that if the first person could not understand whether the second person was giving the answer or the computer, then it would be proved that computers can also think like humans.
  • In the year 1952, computer scientist Arthur Samuel created a game in the IBM company named Seven Checkers, in which the game was getting better by learning itself.
  • In 1958, computer programmer Frank Rosenblatt created an algorithm named Perceptron, which used to capture patterns and recognize patterns. Today’s Fingerprint lock and Face lock work on this principle.
  • In the year 1979, some people from Stanford University together made a robot named Stanford cart. Its special thing was that it could change its path by detecting everything that came in its way.
  • In the year 1985, a computer programmer named Terry Sejnowski created a program called Net Talk, its special thing was that this program could learn and speak English words by itself. Later there were many changes in it and today we know it as Google Assistance and Siri.

Use of Machine Learning

Machine learning is such a technology that is making the life of as human beings a lot easier. Let’s know about the top application of ML.

1. Self-Driving Car :

Machine learning is used in Self Driving Cars. Cars are trained using an Unsupervised Learning Algorithm so that the car can run without a driver.

You must have heard the name Tesla, this company manufactures Self Driving Cars and it is in possession of the entire market. Tesla company is owned by Elon Musk. Waymo, GMCruise, ArgoAI These companies also make Self Driving Cars. However, more advancement is yet to be done in this technology.

2. Traffic Alert :

If you use Google Maps, then you must have seen that, when there is more traffic on the way ahead, then Google Maps shows you the message of Traffic Alert, this is also possible through machine learning.

When everyone is using the map, Google Maps processes everyone’s location, speed, and route and shows you the correct route using machine learning algorithms on it.

3. Product Recommendation :

You went to buy a product on Amazon but you did not buy it and the next day you were watching YouTube and got an ad for the same product that you had gone to buy on Amazon but you did not buy it, then you went to Facebook then there too Ad show of the same product was happening.

By tracking your Online Behavior, Machine Learning Algorithm is applied on it and then you are shown the same Ad in which you are interested.

4. Social Media :

When you create an account on Instagram or Facebook, then you get such friend suggestions that live in your contact list or you have ever met them, all this happens only through machine learning.

Facebook extracts a list of your friends from your contact list and then suggests new friends to you. Similar algorithms also happen on Instagram, that’s why it shows you a list of your friends to tag you.

If your face appears in someone else’s photo, then Facebook understands by applying algorithms on it that if you are in his photo, it means that you have met before and the friend suggestion of the one you were in your photo does to you and your friends. Also suggests a friend in your name.

5. Virtual Personal Assistance:

You must have used Google Assistance and Cortana, all these are examples of Virtual Personal Assistance. Whenever you say ok google, GoogleAssistance gives you a reply and also answers any question you ask.

Speech Recognition, Speech to Text Conversion, Text to Speech Conversion, and Natural Language Processing are used to create a Perfect Virtual Personal Assistance.

6. Google Translate :

Whenever you have to translate a sentence from English to Hindi, then you use GoogleTranslate, but have you ever wondered how Google Translate would have done all this?

Using GoogleTranslate, you can translate many languages ​​of the world among themselves. Machine learning is done on Google Translate, Natural Language Processing Algorithm is implemented on Google Translate so that it easily translates any language (English) into any other language (Hindi).

7. Online Video Streaming :

If you use Netflix, then you must have noticed that Netflix recommends you the movie of your choice at the right time. Let us understand how Netflix recommends movies to you according to your behavior.

Whenever you are watching any series or movie on Netflix, then Netflix understands all your behavior such as at what time do you watch more movies, how many movies you watch throughout the day, and when you play and pause the movie. This Behavior is put in Machine Learning Algorithm and accordingly, you are recommended movies or series.

Types of Machine Learning

Following types of machine learning which is algorithm based –

  • Supervised Machine Learning
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Semi-Supervised Machine Learning
  • Reinforcement Machine Learning

Supervised Machine Learning

In this type of algorithm, the machine is taught from its past experiences. It applies the new data to predict future events using the example provided earlier. This algorithm works in the same way that humans learn from their experiences.

In Supervised Learning, these machines are given various types of examples and answers in the form of inputs from which they learn using algorithms and on the basis of these inputs, guess the correct output.

Unsupervised Machine Learning

The unsupervised machine learning algorithm is the opposite of the supervised algorithm. In this, examples and answers are not already given in the form of input. In this, the machine algorithm itself has to guess on the basis of the data. That’s why these algorithms make inferences using test data or real data.

Semi-Supervised Machine Learning

Semi-Supervised Algorithm falls between both Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning. Because it uses both available and unavailable data for training and makes inferences

Reinforcement Machine Learning

Reinforcement Learning is the training of a machine learning model to make a sequence of decisions. Machine learning analyzes the environment around them by presenting actions as well as reporting errors

Advantages of Machine Learning

  • Machine learning has made human life very easy.
  • Machine learning is constantly being used to improve work in every field.
  • The use of machine learning is not limited to any one area, this technology is benefitting in almost every field like – meteorological prediction, prediction of any future event, etc.
  • Machine learning is also being used in the healthcare industry.
  • With the help of machine learning, it is possible to detect diseases through psychological and physical movement.
  • Friends, this is not the only area in which machine learning is being used. Rather, there are many areas where research is being done that how it can prove beneficial for us.


Friends, I hope you have liked all the information about machine learning by reading this article of ours. Stay tuned to our site to read articles related to such technology. We will continue to write articles related to new technology like this and will continue to deliver work information to you people.

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