How to Earn Money Through Website and Blogging

How to Earn Money Through Website and Blogging

Today’s post is for our Newbie Blogger Friends who want to earn money through their website or blog. Every new blogger or website administrator is worried about how his blog’s popularity should increase and when he earns something from his Blog.

If you are a new blogger! So I can understand what is in your heart that I am also aware that the ladoos which are bursting inside my mind to earn money from my blog soon? But in reality I am nothing like this. Earning money from blogging is not as easy as sitting in a canteen and drinking cold drinks.

This required time, hard work and rulefulness. It is like a CD in which you have to take one step after the other and when you reach the top, no one can even count to what extent Blogging can give you success.

Apply for Adsense Ads today

Adsense is the advertising network of Google which allows to publish ads on any right website. The publisher gets revenue from Adsense when people click on Ads. Adsense is the highest revenue generating company in the world. This is true for those websites whose website has a lot of web traffic.

To publish Google Adsense ads on your website, it is very important to read Google Ads Terms and Privacy Policy. This is because no website gets Publisher Approval from Google Adsense without meeting Google’s terms.

If your website gets Approval then it is also important to pay attention to whether you are publishing ads on your website at the right place or not. If you have not put Adsense ads on your website according to their terms, then even Google Adsense can punish you by blocking your account.

Other Banner Ads

If for some reason you do not get approval from Adsense, then there are many more Ads Network websites on the internet which allow the advertisement to be published online and also the chance to earn good money.

Affiliate Marketing

If the traffic of your website is very high, then it would be right to choose any good affiliate network instead of choosing the advertising network to earn money. The sale of products of any good company through its website is called Affiliate Marketing. In such a situation, the company with the product offers the website owner some pay as commission of the price of that product.

You can put Affiliate Ads on your website in many ways like in your post, in the side bar, through link ads and you through Pop Up Ads.

By Advertising the Ads and Links of Others on Your Website

There are many websites which require Paid traffic for their website, in such a situation, they take help of those websites who take some money and put a link or banner of your website on their website for some time.

If you can bring a lot of traffic to your website by making your website very good and successful, then you can also put Paid Link Ads on your website and reduce the money.

Providing Online Services

You can also provide many types of online services on your blog or website. You can also make your website or blog like a community where people can solve their problems. provides many types of tools on your website, which can help people in solving the problem of online. If you are a teacher, you can also teach students online on your website. If you are a doctor, then you can solve the problems of patients online.

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