What is the ADAS System, and How Does This Technology Work?

What is the ADAS System

What is the ADAS System: With the increase in the number of vehicles in the country, the number of road accidents is also increasing. To reduce this, the government constantly appeals to car manufacturers to increase the safety features in their vehicles. At the same time, along with increasing the number of airbags in their cars, companies are also equipping them with ADAS technology. Next, we are going to tell you about this technology.

What is the ADAS Feature?

Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is a very effective technology from the point of view of safety. That is, it is a driver-assistance system. Sometimes the driver’s carelessness while driving the vehicle leads to an accident, but with this feature, the car is automatically able to sense danger according to the ADAS level present. Due to this, the chances of an accident are less.

This Feature Works Like This

ADAS system is a combination of many technologies. In this, many types of equipment are used simultaneously. Cameras, sensors, and radar are sometimes used. If the driver commits any mistake while driving, then this system informs about it so that the driver gets a chance to recover. Despite this, if the driver is not alerted, then the chances of an accident increase. Advanced Driving Assistance System Technology comes with 5 levels.

Cars equipped with ADAS features mainly include traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning/correction, automatic emergency braking, blind spot detection, and pedestrian detection/avoidance, as well as automatic parking, autonomous valet parking, navigation systems, adaptive cruise control, adaptive Safety features like light control, night vision, unseen area monitoring, and driver monitoring system are available

What are the Advantages of ADAS

Suppose you are in a car that has this feature and if for some reason you get distracted while driving. Due to distraction, if your car goes into the other lane or another car or person comes in front of your car, then in such a condition, this feature will alert you and prove helpful in saving you from an accident. If it remains active, the chances of an accident will reduce.

How Many Levels are There in ADAS?

Its levels depend on the automation used to make a car safe. At present, it has five levels in which at zero level it does not work to take control of the car but alerts the driver. In the first level, ADAS controls some functions of the car itself. Similarly, as the level increases, its functions also increase. At present, the facility of self-driving mode is available in Level-5 ADAS cars, as can be seen in Tesla’s cars.

Cars Equipped with ADAS Technology in India

In cars that come with different ADAS levels, it detects any danger at its initial level and works to alert the driver by giving a signal. As the level of this technology increases. The car keeps moving toward automatic mode. Level five cars are capable of running in automatic mode. These features are available in Mahindra’s cars like Mahindra XUV700, MG Aster, MG Gloster, and Hyundai Tucson present in India.

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