Rolls Royce Electric Car: Rolls Royce Introduced the First Electric Car

Rolls Royce Electric Car

Rolls Royce Electric Car: Luxury car maker Rolls-Royce has unveiled the all-electric vehicle ‘Spectre’. This is the first electric car from the British car maker. Car deliveries will begin at the end of 2023.

The price of the vehicle has not been released yet, but the company has said that its price will be more than Rs 6.95 crore. The car will accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 4.5 seconds.

A Ride Range of 520KM will be Available

The double-door, 4-seater car gets 23-inch wheels. The riding range of the car will be around 520 km. The vehicle will be able to generate 900Nm of peak torque and 577bhp power. It will have an electric motor of about 430kW.

Final Stage Testing Continues

The weight of the car is 2975 kg. Its final stage of testing is going on. Power, acceleration, and range figures will be improved in the final stage of testing. After launching in late 2023, some changes can be revealed in the specification of the vehicle.

Split Headlight and 22 LED Rear Lighting

No car of Rolls-Royce had had such a big grill before this. Its doors were made much bigger. You will get a luxurious look at the interior. It will get a split headlight and 22 LED lighting on the rear side.

How is the Battery and Motor

Along with luxury, the battery has also been taken care of. Its testing is in the final stages but it has been tested by running it for about 25 lakh kilometers. Not much information has been given by the company yet. But according to media reports, the car gets 585 bhp and 900-newton meters of torque from the motor installed in it. After a single charge, this car can be driven up to 520 km. It takes only 4.5 seconds for this car to reach 100 kmph from zero.

How Much will be the Price?

The company did not release the price of the Rolls-Royce car. However, the company said that the price of this electric vehicle will be between the price of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV and the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII sedan. The Cullinan SUV has priced at Rs.6.95 crore and has a mileage of 6.6 kmpl. At the same time, the price of the Phantom VIII sedan is Rs 9.50 crore and the mileage is 7.1 kmpl. If the car is also launched in India, then its price is going to be between 7 to 9 crores.

Rolls-Royce to be Fully Electric by 2030

During the Rolls-Royce Specter Reveal, the company’s Chief Executive Officer Torsten Müller-Autwas said, “This car has all the features that the Rolls-Royce Legend has. The success of Specter will determine the company’s growth in the electric vehicle market. The company is working towards building a completely electric vehicle portfolio by 2030.

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