Phone Bhoot Movie Review: Katrina Kaif’s Ending Charisma

Phone Bhoot Movie Review

Phone Bhoot Movie Review: After a long wait, the most awaited film ‘Phone Bhoot’ starring Katrina Kaif, Ishaan Khatter, and Siddhant Chaturvedi has been released in theaters today, Phone Bhoot is a comedy horror drama film. Which will give you a sense of comedy along with fear.

Let us tell you that in the film. Katrina Kaif is playing the role of a ghost who thinks about the well-being of people. Ishaan Khattar and Siddhant Chaturvedi are also playing lead roles in the Alwar film. There are only two such creatures of both worlds who get the special power to see ghosts. Apart from all this. You will also get to see Jackie Shroff who is playing a special character in the film.

Phone Bhoot Movie Story

The story of this film is completely fictional in which many evil forces have been mentioned. At the beginning of the story, you will meet two young people who have got the unique power of seeing ghosts and through this power, they are going to work as ghost catchers, meanwhile, Katrina Kaif appears as a ghost at their house. Which gives them a business idea.

After this, all three together issue a number to catch the ghosts and work hard to catch the ghosts and print a lot of money. But the purpose of that ghost is not to earn money, but to liberate the souls who have been wandering on the earth for a long time, everything is going well, so there is the entry of the god of ghosts, soul Ram (Jackie Shroff), which turns the whole game. gives and becomes the wall of the path of the ghost, now you have to see in the film how the ghost reaches its noble cause.

Phone Bhoot Movie Review

Phone Bhoot Kahani is awesome which will make you laugh. The film starts with a laugh, but the story can make you emotional in the climax, it is very difficult to put a combination of comedy with fear, but after watching the film, it seems that director Gurmeet Singh has been successful in this work of the first half. Talking about it, it is quite strong but the second half can disappoint you a bit regarding the speed.

But in the second half, the story becomes so interesting that nothing will stop you from watching the film again. The screen presence of all three Katrina Kaif, Shiddhant Chaturvedi, and Ishaan Khattar is amazing. The chemistry of the three of them creates a ruckus on the screen. Katrina will win your heart by becoming a new-age ghost. Jackie Shroff also looked good in his character. The background music is of Fadu type which generates goosebumps at places. In short words, Phone is a wonderful entertainer film that will keep you hooked till the end.

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